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Sunday, February 4, 2018

D.W.W.D. - Do What the Wealthy Do ~ Why They Succeed!

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Anything worthwhile in life is ever free nor easy! Making money, going after goals and even planning your next vacation. All require's just how the world works. 
WORK, being the keyword here. Some will shed blood, sweat & tears. Others will simply work smarter.

Many of people over the years have tried to short cut, scheme, steal their way into financial freedom. One things is for sure........many have found that in the end, it all catches up with them evenually.

As I research to procure the path to my own prosperity. When it comes to building wealth, I have come across about a dozen traits that stand out. These characteristics are common among the very successful in our society. And it should cause all that aim to succeed to take notice on how the rich build wealth and obtain success in life.

There's been a long standing motto in the entrepreneur what your mentor does or take what the person you admire does and simple do what they do.  In our case, we are studying wealth building.......


1) Wealth accumulation or wealth building is purely about your mindset.

Mindset - To establish a set of perspectives within ones thought process.

The mind must be focus in a positive yet passion mentality. Your mindset is not an anchored entity. It must be nourished and developed. This stimulates actions like motivation & productivity. 

Wealthy people also have a leadership mindset. They only follow when they are learning. That learning turns into knowledge that transforms into wisdom. This mindset creates efficient leaders. And great leaders produce results.

In short, train your brain for complete success in the task at hand. 

Excellence is a Choice Video - 100 Day Challenge2) Know where you want to go! 
When you find your path, you must ignore fear. You need to have the courage to risk mistakes. But once you are on that road... run, run, run, and don't stop til you've reached its end.” 
José N. Harris

Direction is important!

You must first know or at least understand where & why you want to go.

You don't generally step out your door, jump in car or on your bike and then travel aimlessly. You have a set place where you want to end up at. Plus, why you wanted to go there!

This is as well in wealth you want to make an extra $500.00 a month? Is the goal $5,000.00 per month? Do you want assets of a million dollar by age of 40?

Define specific amounts and times, then plan to arrive at that destination!

If you have no good drive in you, your life will not be steered through a good direction. It will miss its destined station. Passion or drive is what moves the vehicle of a fulfilled life.” Israelmore Ayivor

3) Live life on your terms 

How does living life on your terms relates to wealth building?

To begin with a lot of us baby-boomers were raised up with the notion that if you go to school/college, get a great job, work your way up the corporate ladder. All would lead to this awesome life. Well, reality is, it isn't a pretty ride. Often times, we are sucked into an anomaly where that J.O.B becomes Just Over Broke!

2nd Quarter Video - 100 Day Challenge Car notes, house payments, student loans, bills bills and more bills. Before you know it your 40/50 years old and retirement is closing in fast. Where did all the years go? What happened to those dreams of travel, fine wines & epic adventures?

Live life on your terms means living the life that you were truly meant to live. It's is your biggest motivator. It should always inspire you to improve the quality of your life. Our life shouldn't be dictated by someone else time clock. 

Life is meant to be lived. With quality time with family and friends. Travels, hobbies and a sense of accomplishments. Financial freedom provides that type of lifestyle. 

Yes, live life on your terms! 

4) Read, that's right read! 

Every person worth more than a million $$$.....reads.

Not only is this a fact, they contribute their success to reading, a lot of reading.

"That's how knowledge works," Warren Buffett told an investment class at Columbia University. "It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it."

"Books were my path to personal freedom," Oprah Winfrey once said. "I learned to read at age 3 and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi."

Reading increases knowledge, knowledge allows them to see opportunities. Reading improves their business sense, vocabulary, imagination, memory & creativity. Keeping them ahead of their competition. It also helps lower stress, while pushing you towards your goals. 

READ     READ      READ..........!

5) Don't make excuses

Another interesting trait of successful people.......they make no excuses. 

Excuses are just lies wrapped up neatly in reasons. As with any successful person, there will be failure. With a excellent leader they except responsibility. Great leadership except blame, then find ways for improvement.

"Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses." ~ George Washington Carver

6) Invest 

Investing is not a savings account. Investing is having your money work for you over a period of time.

Investments creates wealth, just ask Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett, one of America's wealthiest citizen with an estimated $76 Billion worth. Did so by investing, he give us these snippets........

"Long ago, Ben Graham taught me that 'Price is what you pay; value is what you get.' Whether we're talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down."
"If you aren't willing to own a stock for ten years, don't even think about owning it for ten minutes. Put together a portfolio of companies whose aggregate earnings march upward over the years, and so also will the portfolio's market value."
  "Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant."

Investing is a great way to beat inflation, much better than your ordinary saving account.

Invest in stocks, over say bonds, simply because over time they usually perform better and is your best shot at the highest returns.

Property investments have also proven to be fruitful for many of the successful.

Having a balanced diversified portfolio will create a higher yields while minimizing risks.

Last but not least,
An educated investor can help you reach your financial goals. The stock market has compounded wealth over the long term.  And has historically doubled every 10 years.

 Think long-term!

7) Triple D's

Stay focus now, get your mind out the gutter. 

D.D.D stands for Don't Do Debt! Your biggest obstacle towards wealth building is debt. Eliminated it at all cost. If you can't pay for it in cash..........then you can't afford it!

No further explanation needed! 

8) Eliminate self gratification

An important mindset that is tied in with D.D.D., is self-gratification. The indulgence or satisfaction of one's own desires. 

You want it now, but you'll pay for it later. This is also a wealth building killer. Including myself, many many people remain in debt because of the urge to have it now. 

Practice delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate satisfaction and wait for a later reward. 

Save that $5 today, have $5 next month.
Don't buy that flat screen now on your credit card @ $2,000.00 with principles over two years. Save for one year, buy the new improved model for $900.00 next year.
Invest that $1100.00!

9) Seek prosperity, abundance

Money is actually everywhere, even in bad economic times, money is out there. It's circulating some where. I was reading somewhere or heard this at a seminar. And remember this example about money: 

Take an item, sale it to someone. Now there are two situations going on here right now. 

Person 1) has money to buy or paid something. 
Person 2) has something to sale.

P1) now buys or pays for a product or service somewhere. This payment has now transferred between 3 people.

P2) decides to sale that item for a profit. P2) now has a payment (money) and has put a product back into circulation. 

That money is doing nothing but circulating.

I have always said to myself.....all I want to do is get caught up in that whirlpool of money. It's my version of the rich get richer. (I wrote in an earlier article......don't hate on the hustle who flips his profits.)

Think BIG, Dream BIG.......Do BIG things!  

10) Figure out a NEED then FULFILL it.

One way to build wealth is to create an income. We do this by starting that chain reaction mentioned above. Sale something that someone wants and supply it to them. 

Supply and demand, it's been done for centuries. Provide a better product, an improved service or simply offer an outstanding value.

Find a need and fill it.   ~ Ruth Stafford Peale

11)  Associate with those you want to be like

If you wanted to become a baseball player, would you spend your day around people who build cars all day? Your interest is flying airplane, why would you read books about sail boats? Have you every seen a drug addict hanging around a fitness junkie? It's kind of easy to understand the simplicity of this.

You are a product of your environment. I believe it was Jim Rohn that said it best........
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
It will be that surrounding that will shape who you are and what you'll be come.

"It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction." ~ Warren Buffet
Successful wealthy people always have MENTORS!

12) GIVE back

You go to church, you know about tithe. Which means “10% of your earnings to your church,” yet in the Old Testament, it actually was 10% paid twice a year (20%) of your crop or cattle to the land of Israel. Just a little biblical knowledge

 All the same, giving back has many benefit and gratification.

This is be a conscious decision. Yet, giving is a spiritual being. Those that give back find that it does come back to them in some form.

 As in tithe, when you give 10%, you are likely to receive even more back. Is this a scientific fact or simply the law of attraction? 

There are however, tax-benefits as well. In most cases, one can deduct anywhere from 30% - 50% of your adjusted gross income in charitable contributions.  

At the end of the's a great feeling, so give when you can 😉

The Importance Of How You Execute the First 100 Days

To the best year ever,
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Andrew Hayes


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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

INVESTMENTS: What To Invest In 2018 And WHY!

A monetary or assets commitment for a period of time intended to produce a future income perhaps in the form of interest or dividends.

An upward trend that started in 2009, 2017 continued it's bullish year in the stock market. Sustaining it's 3rd best year since 1967. With the expecting tax reform before the years end, the stock market (US) posted a nearly 22% total return (21.8%) for the year. Along with double digit corporate earnings and a strong economic, growth looks to continue in 2018. 

As the first week of 2018 indicated with yet another record, the DOW Jones breaks 25K. That following the Dow's already 71 All-time highs since 1995 of 69. Including since 1995, the stock market went through 2017 with it's lowest volatile levels without a dip below 3%.

 With global growth likely to continue through 2018, equities are likely to benefit from gains throughout the year. The technology sector being a huge component of today's economy, looks to fuel yet another bullish year.

Investors should always understand the risks involved in investing, the markets do fluctuate. These posting are of informational purposes only. Professional finance advisors  should always be consulted before investing.

Time is Money Video - 100 Day Challenge

With that being said,  I have decided that I would establish my own pick for 2018. The charts below, I will update 2-3 times a week within my others posts. 

The "2018 Wehit "Pick & Track" chart will be my own personal top 16 pick that I have an interest in. These picks, I will post as of this posting several times a week on their progress. They are a variation of biotech, technology, cannabis and cryptocurrency entities. I am watching the performance of these stocks as part of an on-going research into these industries in 2018. Again, these are of interest to @wehit and are in no way a recommendation. 


AMBA  Ambarella Inc $54.92 -5.29    8.79%
ACBFF  Aurora Cannabis Inc $10.64 -0.30    2.75%
AVAV    AeroVironment Inc$52.86-0.92    1.71%
EXEL    Exelixis Inc $29.99-0.02    0.07%
ETH      Ethereum  $1,266.05            1.74%
HIMX   Himax Techn. Inc.$10.74-0.36    3.47%
HTC      HTC Corp$70.50 -0.20     0.28%
RIOT    Riot Blockchain Inc$22.94 -1.08     4.50%   
SIEB     Siebert Financial Corp. $15.11 -0.68     4.31%
STM     STMicroelectronics $23.49 +0.05    0.21%
SYNA    Synaptics Inc. $41.85 -0.53     1.25%
TWMJF  Canopy Growth corp $33.43 -0.44     1.30%
VFFIF    Village Farms International Inc $7.21 +0.06     0.85%
VRTHF  Veritas Pharma  $0.67 -0.02      2.70%
VTC       Vertcoins $5.90               5.55%
VUZI     Vuzix Corp. $8.75 -0.05      0.06%

These top 5 winners and losers charts below. I will track for informational purposes. What stocks are up or down and information on their performances. 

GREEN - are UP in performances
Red - are DOWN in performances

Top 5 Winners & Losers
DSI Systems Inc. $79.89 +14.74                 22.62%
WBAI 500 Com LTD $12.72 +1.12                   9.66%
PRTY Party City Inc $15.05 +1.30                   9.45%
VNCE Vince Holding $6.40 +0.52                    8.84%
CMCM Cheetah Mobile $15.22 +1.23                    8.79%
SUV Supervalue $16.94 -2.69                     13.70%
BHVN BioHaven Pharm.$27.09 -2.98                     9.91%
SIG signet Jewel $52.69 -3.90                     6.89%
RES  Rpc Inc $24.27 -1.78                     6.83%
CGG CGG $5.92 -0.43                      6.77%


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Friday, October 20, 2017

When An Alternative Means Of Income Exist

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Modern Hi-tech representing wealth in the digital world

  There continues to be an honest alternative courses of action when it comes to earning an extra income online & off. We are going to focus on technology based internet of things.  

   In this ever so technological enhanced world we now live in. Using our computers/smartphones/mobile devices to generate an additional income stream can become a reality with some due diligence. Part of this reality is that utilizing these advances are just down right essential. Baby boomers who have been retiring by the thousands since 2011.  Are among the 76 million of us that will be (retiring) at some time or another over the next 14 years. 

Social security card Backup plan secure your wealth now Baby boomer
 Social security will simply not fulfill your needs for a comfortable lifestyle, especially one deserved after years on the grind. Maybe it was a lack of financial supplement strategy that failed to adequately build a sizable nest egg.  Look, age is nothing but an number. There is always hope. Simply, become pro-active, get involved, and utilize what is available in your life today.

We are entitled to a most beautiful life in our gold years.
"Let's NOT become technology illiterate"

   We are bombarded everyday with all sorts of so-called opportunities. To be honest, it's calculated that within the industrialized countries, humans are exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to well over 10,000 advertisements per day.  A good portion of these ads are indeed, work, income opts. 

   All in the form of pop-ups, emails invites, social media outlet etc. Despite most of these get rich quick programs being worthless. There are oodles of legit home/internet based work and investment opportunities that operate within a trusted online business model. 

Persons working together success

   These business model are not schemes, their only true fault or misinterpretation is they require effort. Nothing worthwhile in life is EVER going to come to you free or easy! We ALL should know this by now. Once you understand that statement........searching for a way to add income into your life stream will eliminate 3/4 of those seemingly quick ways to get $$$ opportunities.

 Jim Cramer 14 day trial Investing Club
You could start a physical "Brick & mortar business".

   This was how it was done for decades. Yet, I like to believe and understand that retirement was meant for us not to be working harder but smarter and of course LIVE LIFE. Not saying that opening up a physical store is awful. Or that easy living is a most.....a little hard work & elbow grease NEVER hurt anyone. Beside, the true spirit of to do what you have a passion for. Remember, if we are doing work after we are retired, it best be something we want to do.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~ Confucius

   I  just want to make aware that there are other passages one can take to achieve goals &  make extra income.  It comes in the form of technologies in computers, mobile devices and most importantly................our smartphones!

Technology based home office computer tablet smartphone multiple monitors writing pad pen desk

   See, what really happen a few decades back. This tech stuff was really here to help us baby boomers along. Isn't it the debt repaid for our many sacrifices so that our children could live a bit better life. 

   I see some truth within them there sentences. I see that our younger generation has taken to these mobile tech devices with ease. They have had the opportunity (time) to exercise their handle of these new devices, while we boomers were out working to make sure our children & grandchildren could have said technology. 

Learn more click here Disrupt Decentralize electric company earth

   Remember this one true fact millennials, it was the baby boomer generation that set the stage & help built your devices you are so comfortable using. While you were playing and grew into them. We boomers could only master them in our spare time. Please do not get us twisted..... we are NOT old, just older!

   With that being said, I think it's time that we boomers put in the effort to grasp the benefits of all this available technology.

   The benefits of using the internet as a financial tool is that it could add substantially to your financial nest-egg.

   It will however take "WORK" & due diligence!

Group of older generation baby boomers enjoying life

   Many of the "baby boomers", yet not exclusively......our younger generation are finding it equally as difficult to save for a "Nest-egg".  Living the short term financial lifestyle (work, spend & try saving here and there), thinking  that is a secure enough path.  

   When corporate greed, world events, down-sizing etc. intervened. Where we once thought our "so-called privileged" (j.o.b. Just Over Broke) lifestyle would sustain. Yet, that thinking/planning did not include retirement.

So what happens now when you no longer attached to the workplace????

Keepkey cryptocurrency private key security device

We.h.i.t. aka WEalth Health using Internet Technology mission will provide a little insight into a world of positive future growth in our lifestyle, wealth management & health. 

Ongoing discussions to include yet not limited to......
  • Investments & investment strategies
  • Eliminating debt
  • Making healthy/healthier lifestyle choices
  • Capitalizing on emerging technologies
  • Ways to give back, WE are still useful

   I hope that I can inspire, motivate & be a positive force in our connection. This popular saying below speaks for itself.........

We don't meet people by accident they are meant to cross our path for a reason

Please feel free to network, connect & interact. Comments & suggestion welcomed.

Ledger Wallet protects your identity bitcoins cryptocurrency informaton
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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

INVESTING 2017 Emerging Tech Sector Offers Unique Wealth Building Opportunities

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   Well, it's definitely a whole new ball game when it comes to making that dollar dollar bill these days. With technology along side this's not that old money for sure. 

   You know back in the day, "Old Money" was handed down, inherited upper-class families. More likely to be refined, stuck-up, snobbish, well-disciplined, influential yet have a low profile, save & invest their wealth.

   Whereas, "New Money" is newly acquired wealth from the likes of the dotcom era, professional sports or entertainment fame. Called "1st generation wealth". Personalities tend to be more casual, down-to-earth, hip, a bit flashy, socially conscious, spends a little more time openly activist then their older school counter part.

   Whether you're OLD or NEW money, communities are boosting all types of fresh ways to earn money using today's internet technologies as a means to achieve wealth today. Not to mention digital investments, freelancing, tutoring, graphics, programming, ghost writers, selling things online and if you are a decent writer even blog writing. 

    Some people get it early on in life. Save for the future. Some people view life a little differently, live your life now tomorrow is not guaranteed. And act accordingly, they spend what they earn. Live paycheck to paycheck, consume beyond they means etc,. While some of us old school, baby boomers were simply taught to go to school, get a job & work hard.....You know the routine. You've heard the saying,  J.O.B. - Just Over Broke

   What's a person to do when we finally get do we start a journey to prosperity when you are older, maybe close to retirement? How might one boost their current finances expeditiously so as to help support an elderly loved one, travel, live a comfortable retirement or what about that bucket-list? 

   Wealth building can be an extremely complex task requiring not only the cornerstone acclaimed quote "Show Me The Money."  But, demands focus, sacrifices, education & due diligence. 

Yet, it can be done. 

One tool, is to invest. Yes, investments.

   I am not an financial advisor, this is my disclaimer. Please seek professional advice on any information contained hereon as I am providing insight "as is". The entire risk as to the result and performance of the information is assumed by the user. 

   I will say this, as a latter end baby boomer. My working harder for someone else days are nearing their retirement days.  Along side 4 grandchildren and my youngest son a few years in high-school and college behind that. It's time for me to work & earner smarter. I am teaming up with those in the know. This squad of mentors and like minded individuals have one goal in mind.....Wealth building utilizing today's Internet Technology aka Digital Media,  for an normal person's growth.

    Moving forward in what will become the foundation of our quest will be investing and investments.....

   You've heard the term "It takes money to make money."  To invest is as simple as to contribute money into a source in hopes that you make more money later.

   Dictionary meaning - Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property.

   Investing can and should be look at as a kind of saving strategy. Only this kind of saving requires a bit more labor. Saving your money in a bank is your basic maneuver. There is absolutely no risk. 

   Simply open up a Saving Account which you usually don't readily have access to, say from an ATM or checking. Interest rate are ridiculously low and any additional service fees will also take a bite out of your low growth.
   If one has an larger amount of funds to put away, then a higher interest account should be utilized. These accounts are called "High- Yield Saving Accounts".

   When you know that the funds to be saved will NOT  be used for a good period of time. There's an account for that as well called CD's., we are not talking music compact disc of the 90's and early 2000's.  These CD's are Certificates of Deposit. What happens here is, you put your money in the care of the bank for a particular time period. Generally, 6 months and in upwards of 5 years. At the duration of the deposit, referred to as the maturity period. Interest is earned on that deposit.

   Next, we start to get into what are called securities. Due to the complex structure involved in security markets, I will briefly interpret just their essential elements as their pertain to the subject at hand. 

   I wish to clarify my intent here within this and subsequent post. I hope to provide clear, smooth and painless understanding of the many many avenues in our complex financial system. The objective is to take what tactics/strategies that are out there and present them in everyday language. As we become increasingly involved in the varies subject matters surrounding wealth building strategies.........guest blogger, experienced like-minded associates along with feedback interactions will clarify what best works within said capacity.

   Securities are investment option on the saving/investment ladder. In it's essence, you can buy into a companies growth or debt. These negotiable financial products (bonds, stocks & funds) have monetary value.

   Of these securities.....Mutual funds are a common investment tool used to help build a diversified portfolio. Unlike CDs or standard bank saving account which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Mutual funds are not insured. Why.......simply because mutual funds are an investment not a deposit.

  We will start off the next installment with Money Market Funds. For now, soak in these simple tactics & research a bit.

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