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Sunday, December 31, 2017

This is Why New Years Resolutions Don't Work

Someday has Arrived achieve succeed conquer your goals


2018 has arrived...what are you going to do with it?

The (2) worst things for your New Year's resolution is...... attempting to achieve TOO many & the "someday" mentality. It's the quickest way to guarantee failure and the worst thing you can do if you're trying to transform your life.

Answer the Call - 100 Day ChallengeWhy?

Has this ever happened to you?

You set a goal.....
You visualize yourself achieving it in perfect detail…

You PROMISE yourself that you'll stick with it.

And then…

A few weeks later, you find yourself in the exact same
position and you let your goal slip away, once again?

Finish Strong Manifesto - 100 Day Challenge  

Once upon a time not too many years ago. There was a young woman who dreamed great dreams

Who imagined a wonderful life, but instead of taking action she choose to say someday.

She promised herself that SOMEDAY.....
  • She was going to write a book
  • She was going to get in great shape
  • She was going to travel the world
  • She was going to make her mark
  • She was going to live an extraordinary life

Success Loves Speed Video - 100 Day Challenge
Then one day, with regret and a saddened heart. That young woman, now much older, realized.....that those things won't happen, not now - not ever! Unless she stopped making excuses. Unless she stopped being afraid, unless she started taking action.

It was at that moment that she embraced the idea that someday has arrived.

That it's not too late to turn her dreams into reality, just a little bit later than she expected.

2018 has finally arrived, and if you have been using the "SOMEDAY" philosophy for running your life.
I've got a great program for you to turn your dreams into reality.

If you've struggled to make any LASTING change in your life and want 2018 to be different, then don't miss out on this small window of opportunity.

Start Fast New Year Video - 100 Day Challenge
If you've ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly
succeed while others struggle just to get by. I encourage you to check out this program that finally fills in the missing link, and launches you peak performance.

If you have big plans for 2018 and need a proven plan that will hold you accountable and focused...THIS IS FOR YOU!


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