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Monday, February 12, 2018

LIFE: Why Are We Here On Earth?


Probably the single most important question humans can ask. Not just to ourselves, but to anyone for everyone.

I have ask myself this very question…….why am I here?

If not for the goals that we set for ourselves. Perhaps, that I have every great intention on providing love, faith, peace & to inspire others. That my quest or my being, would eventually shed some light. 

Isn’t any human being that has faith and dreams of inspiring and serving others why we are here? And do what we do? 

When someone who has been through or seen the worst sides of humans, yet remains strong in all that GOOD stands for. Yet, carries the demons that the world emits. 

Isn't that a part of LIFE

To become strong, stronger.....Would it be unprejudiced for that soul to see that mission through in their lifetime? By virtue of...... Good overcomes evil? 

This is in fact, in part, why we are here!

We must first understand that we as human beings haven’t even evolved enough to remotely understand our true purpose. With that being said, “Mister you seem to know it all!" 

What do you mean……haven’t evolved enough?

See, we’ve built machines that can fly. Ignite fire at will, produce electricity, talk to someone on the other side of the planet and not be connected to any wires or cables. 

Created vehicles that can travel faster than the speed of sound, while others have carried us to nearby planets. Yet, we have not evolved thoroughly !

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Those are but a few of the incredible inventions mankind has manufactured. Giving the enormous imagination and intelligence we humans have shown and gifted with. Subsequently, we have to throw in a few interesting “WTF” are we humans doing events.

We have a intelligence like none other on this planet. Capable of  love, thinking, to comprehend, to feel compassion and common sense. Still, with the knowledge that “LIFE” itself is it's most ultimate gift bestowed upon us. We humans have not evolved enough to where we do not take it (LIFE) away from someone premeditatedly!

Mankind, for nothing more than material wealth, power or brief fame. Will selfishly terminate a human life soul. And has gone as far as to eliminate entire life forms (endangered & extincted species & plants), even races from their own society. Inventing weapons of mass destruction. We continue to knowingly deplete or contaminate the very world that sustains our well being. 
The Crusade, WW1, The 1932 Holodomor, Hitler's holocaust, WW2, Hiroshima, Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, Nanking massacre or the countless tribal cleansing that has continued in the nation of Africa for centuries.

That’s just genocides, what about sex traffic, modern day slavery, child pornography or knowingly allowing extinction of species of every kind.
While the development of all that is good in modern industries, also has created a back draft. We simply have not matured along side technology.  Meaning, we have constructed machinery that can out pace our own abilities. Robots and systems that can out think our own capabilities.  No, humans have not educed enough to conceive our destiny here on earth.

We humans have forgotten that the true miracle, is LIFE itself, thereby to answer why we are here falls deeply into one trivial classification.........LIVING!

I do however, speculate that IF we ever to evolve before we extinguish the last soul, that we would come to find smartly so, that we were ONLY just a small piece of a much bigger picture.

Yes, there is a more complex version to this narrative. But, remember we are NOT intelligently ample to realize that “Everything happens for a reason”.

As humans tend to think we are the only being in the universe. Life is constantly adapting so that bigger picture is fulfilled.

This destiny that remains to be conquered, will have it’s pieces rearranged many times till it completes the picture as a whole. For now, love and understanding of our true purpose as people must be elevated to it’s most highest level of acceptance.

When we achieve that degree of humanity……..well, we would grasp, we’re here for life and it’s positive energy!
Not material elements nor destruction.

To be perfectly honest, really simple. Especially, in these modern times. WE humans just make it  (allow it to be) complicated!

Have You Created Your Life's Value? Your True Destiny?

Just saying,

Andrew "1stPeacemaker" Hayes

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

GOALS.... With The New Year Comes Great Responsibility!


Why a New Years resolution? 

Resolution is defined as to do or not to do something. The act, decision or commitment to solve an issue or quarrelsome problem.

Every year around this time, we humans contemplate what bad habit we want to eliminate or some improvement we want to offer ourselves in the up and coming New Year. 

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It seems that something we could very well start at anytime the previous year, New years always offer us a new beginning. Maybe it's a point of reference or the word new has something to do with just a place to start or start over.

A little research indicates that even though new years resolution is widely a western hemisphere tradition. Some 4000 years before, the Babylonians who celebrated New years in March (later changed by the Romans to January). Were the first to set New years resolutions.

Their celebrations were intended to favor their gods in hopes that the new year would be an exceptional one. As the Romans instilled our current new years date of January 1st. The primary resolution was to treat others with goodwill. Some of the more common resolutions to date, entails the likes of:

  • Budgeting finances better
  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Personal improvement
  • Taking on a new hobby
  • Eating healthier
  • Contacting old friends & family members
  • Finding a better job or starting one
  • Improving or finding a new love

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Interesting enough, statistics suggest that only 8% -10% achieve their desired goal. Many fall short within the 1st month. Yet, the New years resolution is a time honored custom that has lasted some 4000+ years and who are we to abstain from good old fashion tradition.

As we bring in the New year and set new goals, let us take a moment to do a basic acknowledgement of self-awareness. By first, appreciating what we already have. These being some of the really simple yet significant matters in our lives that we do take for granted.......breathing, sight, touch, a hug, a child's smile, being loved, the way the sky looks, the taste of your favorite food. What about that moment you're at peace when everything seems to be falling apart. Later, realizing, worrying would not have changed a thing.

Yeah, simple luxury of life.....Air, water, food & shelter.

So yes, this year be humble & grateful because no matter what your current situation.......understand that there is someone out there in this world that would gladly switch places with you in a blink of an eye. Grasp that realization for just a moment. That there is someone who would love to be in your predicament, in your  hardship, even though it may be an uncomfortable one for you now. Someone else is in that much more distressed. So yes, evolve into a bit more beholden of the things you already have then build on that.

Next, one of the leading personal gratification of all GOALS, is your health. We all have a vise or two that can be trimmed or cut loose. Smoking, drinking to much, addictions our eating habits etc. That when isolated can drastically improve ones energy, mental , fitness, and strength. Many of which, a simple exercise or diet will do to enhance our well-being. 

Of all importance.......


........a person's aspiration, a desired result, something that one tries to achieve. 

Businessdictionary defines it perfectly.......

"An observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe."  

Make a short list of doable objectives.

Put them where you can see them everyday!

Now make a more ambitious desire. What long-term goal would you like to foresee? Make them a bit overboard, a little out of reach. (Now read the text in the image)

Jump high brother!! So high that if you fall, then people should remark on not how far you fell but how high you jumped”  Anubhav Mishra

Network - interact with any contact list, family & friends. Reach out to those that will help support your goals this year. 
Jim Rohn is quoted to say....... "You're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."
Advise them to remind you, to inspire you and to motivate you of the plans you started at the beginning of the year.

Hint: You'll find out who your true friends are. The ones that will walking with you when you don't have a ride as oppose to the ones that want to ride with you in the limo!

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Get organized - Winter clean, declutter....everything! If it not essential to the NEW & IMPROVED you. Then clear out the old and shine up for the new.

This life, sadly (yet, understandably) has industrialized itself into a monetary system that may be irreversible. An entirely different subject.  

With compassion........ one can play the game, sort to speak

Start investing or at least learn more about the businesses that you buy products from on a daily basis that actually can pay you back........Investments! - If you are in your 20s or 30s. Include investing now. Think long-term strategy. Your older self will thank you.  Are you in  your 40s/50s, us baby-boomers. This is an interesting time to catch up! 
Believe this! 

With that.... 

Learn something new each day - Especially if it is related to your goals.....It's life!

Focus on you! - Meditate on self-awareness

Work on understanding a bit more about yourself. Who are you really. What & why do certain things scare you. Why are you fearful? Try to dig a bit deeper into your inner self. Learn more about why you do or don't things. 

Story of Life Video - 100 Day ChallengeThere is a reason why we are the way we are. If it is a bad habit or something that is holding you back......what is it related to?  Conquer your fears. Understand your vises and move forward in your life's journey.

Everyone is here for a reason, a GOOD REASON! 

Let the NEW YEAR give you motivation to grow!

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