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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Wealthy Smell Opportunity - That's Where They Go

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Shut up & just do what the wealthy do!

   In an earlier post, Wall street & the stock market  I mentioned that it seems the wealthy just know where the money is.  They smell it and that's where they'll be. I'm sure there's a little more to it than that. Yet, it would be quite impressive if that were true. 

   What they do have, is they share traits that are consistent with each other. They are entrepreneurs, constantly looking for opportunity. They are disciplined, self motivated & go-getters. 

   You don't have to tell them to put an effort into a project. First in - last out! They want shit to get done. Which brings into play an obvious trait.......leadership. In order to have their vision brought to fruition, they must be able to delegate the right team players to produce the required performance.

   On the other side of that, are those with the negative notion that the rich just get richer. Which actually is a true statement. But to some, being rich or wealthy has a negative stigma attached to it in their mind. Of course, this clearly would have a profound effect on a persons ability to engineer a profitable wealth building strategy.  

   Without fully understanding their reasons for wealth deficiency, they tend to just has a negative outlook on the rich and affluent. Let's just call it what it is........HATERS!  ok

   To be honest with you, once you're rich, is there any other way to go?  SAVE & INVEST, there's only a certain amount of material things one can buy. (most wealthy citizens, are not generally flashy) Only so many properties you can reside at. How much money can you spend in a day. At which point, logic would entitle one to invest it into something worthwhile and be charitable. 

   If you work arduously to gain wealth and a good life. Would you want to go back to anything less? Of course not! 

A box on the bed with a million dollar neatly stacked
  My view point is this, if I knew someone had one million dollars and by the next year they were broke. I'd be a bit upset at them. How could someone blow away a million dollars?  Yes,  I'd be disappointed cause I know I would have done something differently.

   How many of us have been at the office or workplace. And been asked, what would you do if you had a million dollars?

   Now, I've been in this scene a few times myself. And 85% of the time, people have had a fairly decent response on their spending habits with that million dollar.

   Paying off  bills, buying a home, giving a little something to their closest relatives are the typical responses.

   However, I love it when I hear the ones that get a bit more defined. Knowing about savings, investing and buying property. 

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   Before we go into the body of this post, which is doing what the wealthy do to remain financially independent. I  also want to take a look at several view points surrounding the pros & cons about wealth! Along with some of the causes why there are people who never obtain prosperity while others do. 
Sometimes over & over again.

When it comes to wealth & riches.........

Let's make one thing perfectly clear that the two are different. Yes, they really are.

Rich technically is having enough money for a comfortable living today. One can afford the luxury of life NOW!

Wealthy - in it's simplicity, the wealthy are rich for generations. Wealthy beings have not only their children life's financially secured. They have their grandchildren children secured.


 The theme itself  (creating wealth or riches) can be a little like politics to some. Sure, most people want to EARN their fair share. Even aim to become a little secure & comfortable with the abundance in life. 

   Some will and have commit unspeakable crimes to control it. And be controlled by it.  Others fear it all together. Being as.......
Money is the root of ALL evil!

Begging poor person with a rich wealthy person
   I personally, struggled for years with my own demons. One of them being that money would change me. Or I would forget where I came from if I was to wealthy. (You would be amazed at how many feel like this). Another was my negative sub-conscious mindset. Mine, the fear that I might not be around tomorrow, so I'll live and spend day by day, pay check to pay check. Many others do just that in their own lives.....sabotage their future with reckless financial thinking.

A luxury home with a lavish back yard with a large beautiful pool and patio
   Which brings us to the core of this post.....changing the way we think about money. Doing what the wealthy do, point blank!  There's nothing wrong with being wealthy. Nothing at all. That's just it! The only unsound belief in becoming wealthy would be how one gains that wealth status. An honest hard working effort, should NOT demean anyone from enjoying their spoils nor the lifestyle because of your assets! 

   Those of us who have had that negative mentality, have to realize that somewhere somehow, someone or something implanted a virus in our conscious that has conditioned us to that way of thinking. It did not happen over night and will not be cure nor debug/rewire itself over night! 

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   You must simply, re-condition your thoughts. You must want to be wealthy. Picture yourself in that nice home, taking great trips. Surrounding yourself with readings, pictures, videos and people who you will interact with on that level. 

   Mapping out a plan, fine tuning those steps every single day. It's one thing to see or dream the end goal yet, entirely another level to get there. 

   Picturing yourself helping others, because giving back is essential to wealth building. But, you must help yourself first in order to be able to help someone else. To empower others you must first empower yourself. 

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   Wealthy people believe it or not, generally don't spend crazy money. Just cause they can doesn't mean they do. If you think about it, that would seem to go hand in hand with being wealthy. Mostly, because they invest.
   Control self-gratification. Stop living day-2-day. Learn saving techniques, budgeting habits. 

    Stop putting off tomorrow what can be done today! Just get it done and out the way. And move on to the next step or goal.

   It will take time. There will be many up's & down's, setbacks......disappointments, rejections not to mention failures. All of which are needed so that you will learn what you are really made of. To build up character & strength.

Failure is the must ingredient in a well done success story. 


   To be honest with you, as I wrote in my success/failure. Failures and setbacks in our lives are simply a test. Do you really want what you are going after? 

   See, winner don't quit right? You are not failing nor undeserving of riches. You must also master the achievement, respect it, along with appreciating the efforts it took to fulfill it.

   Those that receive money fast, most likely will lose it the same way. That scenario has been played out time & time again. Ask any drug dealer, there are plenty of lottery winner that'll tell you the same. Whether they learned the hard way.

If one....lives by the sword - surely they will die by the sword.

   Earn it by honest hard work, play hard honestly. Hard effort includes putting in sacrifices. Giving up the now for the tomorrows

   Remember we are changing our thought process, the attitudes & those nasty bad habits.

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   Understanding that once those old habit and thought patterns are broken. You can now began to think in earning money passively.  You will still need to put in the work, the 9-5  or even overtime. Because you must now think about having while putting that money to work for you. 

   What is your you have a meaningful reason behind getting wealthy. 

What is your WHY

This must become your passion. 

   Have something that gets a fire lit underneath that ass. Believe me, when you are passionate about something you're going to go for it. You're going to want to get it done. That's when you know your heart is in it for the long haul.  That it's a true destiny and not just a fad nor wish.

   You are going to have to take risk, get use to it. Do the necessary research, footwork and due diligence. Remember, at times actions will not always come out in your favor. You will understand why it didn't later. These are your learning curves. It could be telling you, it's time to do something different or try harder. Time will inform you on which!

Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again then expecting a different result.  

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That above statement was put there for a reason. Read, learn & carry it within you. 

        It does mean something!

  Passive income simply means you are making money without you directly participating in the venture. A savings account is a passive income. It is sitting in a bank making you more money without you doing anything more than the initial work.

   Writing a book, producing a song or music album, making a movie. Opening up some franchised stores ALL are passive income. What do they ALL have in common?

Doing something once, get paid over & over again for the effort.

   Owning rentals, investments  & real estate are also passive income. And here we are. The point in which this post supplements.

Warren Buffet says it clearly, "Don't depend on a single source for income (to build wealth). Make investments that create multiple sources."

Invest, investing & investments 

Yes, another  attribute the wealthy & rich ALL have in common? They invest!

   They take their money, buy into an investment and hold onto it for a long long time. Over time as the markets whether it be stocks & bonds gradually climb. So does their value as well as their profits. It sounds simple and it is yet. The hard part is your initial monetary investments. You first must come up with the investment dollars, then learn how to pick great stocks and study how the market system works.

   As we continue further along these postings, we will dissect the many path that will strengthen our knowledge base. It will seem daunting, confusing even tedious. One lesson we surely will gain........patience. Patience will win the game. Building you a secure financial network must include it.

  So you might be thinking, yeah not for me. Maybe YOU are one of those that have that bad habit, falling into your old caution or fearful of failure ways. 
   That is why I put those words at the top of the page.........


Then get WEALTHY

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