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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Back To The Basic Series: What Is SEO.....Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Search Engine Optimation

Search engine optimization (SEO) -- 

Is the art of creating webpages that will make your site easy to find on the internet. One does this by optimizing each page of your site for search engine (Google, Bing etc.,) relevance. Is it related to what you say your site is about.

If your site is about the Ocean, then the web content should mainly, focus on ocean topics. It is important to understand basic search engine optimization. SEO strategies include choosing target search terms (words that people will use/put into a search engine box) that your audience is looking for, creating content that utilizes these search terms, and gaining incoming links to your site (that are related to the theme & search terms of your site aka your business). 

   There are a number of free online tools, such as the Wordstream Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Google Keyword Tool, that can help you select the best search terms for your website. These are also known as Keywords:

Smartphone Google Engine Box with analytics search
 When you optimize your webpages, these pages should rank higher in a search-engine return pages (SERPs). Creating a greater likelihood of traffic (visitors) to your site. This is what you want......constant visitor.

   There are several methods and opinions about how a webpage should be optimized, with much of it depending on the type of site, it's content, purpose & competition. But in basic search-engine optimization, it relies strongly on the proper use of keywords and key-phrases that describes your sites content.
   The first place keywords should appear is in the TITLE section of the source code. They should also appear in the Meta description. Here it should be described as accurately as possible, repeating the keywords (just a couple of times). Its a good idea for each subsequent pages, to have their own unique keywords listed in they source code. The page title should use one or more of these unique keywords for maximum search-engine optimization. 

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Since these SEO rely so heavily on keywords, the most important keywords and key-phrases should be used liberally in the first few paragraphs of the content of each page. then sprinkled throughout the body. The last paragraph of every page should be keyword rich, but not over done.  There is no solid rule of thumb, research does indicate a comfort keyword density zone between 3%-8%. 
Caution should be used when using keywords liberally without becoming repetitive. It can also be helpful to use bold or italics on a keyword or two, but not to excessive.

Internet marketing is the marketing of products and services using the internet as its business medium!


Web promotion plans and an effective web design and development strategy. 

Practicing search optimization techniques


Publishing articles & online press releases

Marketing niche with affiliate and referral programs

   Your website or blog that is your online business, is of little use if you produce NO traffic (visitors) to your site. You have to generate traffic thereby, increasing business sales which in turns creates income. You'll want a way to draw visitors in who didn't use a search engine as well. 

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   Internet marketing helps add potential customers and the number of quality leads to your website. It will also increase your name and brand recognition. A website specifically designed to sell, should be visually pleasing, user-friendly, use effective keywords and keyword-phrases, website description ( Meta tags) and have quality content relevant to the theme of your business webpage. 

   What do you want to accomplish by using internet marketing? To find new clients? Provide services and information to existing clients? Sell products and/or services? Will it educate your target market? 

   Decide on the best way to define your website as this will inevitably help you reach out to a broadly-defined demographic group. Carefully selecting your internet marketing strategies will help ensure your business success. 

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Successful internet marketing is not just about huge advertising costs, it's about great SEO through marketing strategies that use of these marketing trends:

Channels in which internet marketers identify potential customers at varies level of contact to converting them into paying customers. 

A process of gathering huge amounts of consumers or contacts information for purpose of delivering important news, products, services or events.
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The means of using social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,  and Instagram for marketing purposes.

The use of Smartphone, tablets and any wireless device for your online marketing strategies.

Sites like Youtube or video medium on website, blogs to promote and market products, services and events.


Internet marketing involving the creation and sharing of online material (such as Podcast, videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not outright promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.


A marketing process using high profile individuals to promote a brand to your targeted audience for maximum impact.

Using e-mail channels to build your customer list & marketing your products and services.

Marketing to your potential audience using newsletters, articles and subscription based strategies. 

Internet marketing that embeds advertisement onto a web page. With the intention of attracting traffic to your website/blog by linking to the website of the advertiser.

Always remember........most importantly, the internet becomes your most valuable marketing tool, use it and use it wisely and often! 

Interesting enough, people do and have made a comfortable living just off the technology of the computer, internet.

Why not get your piece of the pie?

See you @ the TOP,

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