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Monday, February 12, 2018

LIFE: Why Are We Here On Earth?


Probably the single most important question humans can ask. Not just to ourselves, but to anyone for everyone.

I have ask myself this very question…….why am I here?

If not for the goals that we set for ourselves. Perhaps, that I have every great intention on providing love, faith, peace & to inspire others. That my quest or my being, would eventually shed some light. 

Isn’t any human being that has faith and dreams of inspiring and serving others why we are here? And do what we do? 

When someone who has been through or seen the worst sides of humans, yet remains strong in all that GOOD stands for. Yet, carries the demons that the world emits. 

Isn't that a part of LIFE

To become strong, stronger.....Would it be unprejudiced for that soul to see that mission through in their lifetime? By virtue of...... Good overcomes evil? 

This is in fact, in part, why we are here!

We must first understand that we as human beings haven’t even evolved enough to remotely understand our true purpose. With that being said, “Mister you seem to know it all!" 

What do you mean……haven’t evolved enough?

See, we’ve built machines that can fly. Ignite fire at will, produce electricity, talk to someone on the other side of the planet and not be connected to any wires or cables. 

Created vehicles that can travel faster than the speed of sound, while others have carried us to nearby planets. Yet, we have not evolved thoroughly !

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Those are but a few of the incredible inventions mankind has manufactured. Giving the enormous imagination and intelligence we humans have shown and gifted with. Subsequently, we have to throw in a few interesting “WTF” are we humans doing events.

We have a intelligence like none other on this planet. Capable of  love, thinking, to comprehend, to feel compassion and common sense. Still, with the knowledge that “LIFE” itself is it's most ultimate gift bestowed upon us. We humans have not evolved enough to where we do not take it (LIFE) away from someone premeditatedly!

Mankind, for nothing more than material wealth, power or brief fame. Will selfishly terminate a human life soul. And has gone as far as to eliminate entire life forms (endangered & extincted species & plants), even races from their own society. Inventing weapons of mass destruction. We continue to knowingly deplete or contaminate the very world that sustains our well being. 
The Crusade, WW1, The 1932 Holodomor, Hitler's holocaust, WW2, Hiroshima, Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, Nanking massacre or the countless tribal cleansing that has continued in the nation of Africa for centuries.

That’s just genocides, what about sex traffic, modern day slavery, child pornography or knowingly allowing extinction of species of every kind.
While the development of all that is good in modern industries, also has created a back draft. We simply have not matured along side technology.  Meaning, we have constructed machinery that can out pace our own abilities. Robots and systems that can out think our own capabilities.  No, humans have not educed enough to conceive our destiny here on earth.

We humans have forgotten that the true miracle, is LIFE itself, thereby to answer why we are here falls deeply into one trivial classification.........LIVING!

I do however, speculate that IF we ever to evolve before we extinguish the last soul, that we would come to find smartly so, that we were ONLY just a small piece of a much bigger picture.

Yes, there is a more complex version to this narrative. But, remember we are NOT intelligently ample to realize that “Everything happens for a reason”.

As humans tend to think we are the only being in the universe. Life is constantly adapting so that bigger picture is fulfilled.

This destiny that remains to be conquered, will have it’s pieces rearranged many times till it completes the picture as a whole. For now, love and understanding of our true purpose as people must be elevated to it’s most highest level of acceptance.

When we achieve that degree of humanity……..well, we would grasp, we’re here for life and it’s positive energy!
Not material elements nor destruction.

To be perfectly honest, really simple. Especially, in these modern times. WE humans just make it  (allow it to be) complicated!

Have You Created Your Life's Value? Your True Destiny?

Just saying,

Andrew "1stPeacemaker" Hayes

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Success or failure - It Is About Perspective

success failure

   Why is it that some people soar upon success effortlessly? Moving from one successful venture or task into the next. While others bust blood, sweat and tears, only to remain exactly where they were as the week & year before. 
   Are some people just chosen for greatness and others cursed? Does the blood of kings & queens flow down through generations? And the DNA of worker bees or slaves embedded in the blood that run through the veins of others?

Can one break the cycle of despair and rise up? 

I never lose Either I win or I learn
   There have been books, seminars, videos and even hypnosis on self worth. Positive reinforcement tactics, self awareness, inspirational posters & motivating social media posting all encourage us to succeed. Never quit mentality. Driven by commercials, movies & sports figures and yet for some......success seems to elude them perpetually. 


   While I can't qualify as an professional adviser, I can however, piece together a half century of life experience including my own personal triumphs & tribulations. To provide a point of view analysis.

What is Success?

    - dictionary version is, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.   
   -  a person or thing that achieves desired aim or attains prosperity.

What is Failure?

   - dictionary version is, the lack of success. The omission of expected or required action.

We should start with success and failure perceptions.

   I'm not going to get all preachy on you. But I do sometimes like to go to a great source of sorts. My road map for guidance from time to time. Bear with me here.

Open bible
   I believe God aka GOOD looks at what is perceived to be success differently than people do.
 (1 Samuel 16:7)

   God looks at success in a manner where it's a  win- win situation for everyone. Not a I win - you lose or you win - I lose kind of scenario. Whether everyone came out a winner is what the success is.

Which brings us to this......

   Why has our society been built upon this concept. Where someone HAS to win therefore someone WILL lose???
Have we actually set ourselves up for a slow society deterioration.  When we are ALL humans with faults & benefits, gifts & defects.

   What happens when all the winners win, all the successor succeed. If all the failure that went we start changing the rules so that more failure come out of the winning pool? 

   When all the perfect people are perfect, do we change the rules so that now imperfect can be found within the perfect pool.
   So do you see...... who makes the rules to conclude that one over another is a failure? 

.......that's where the real dialogue needs to be understood.

It shouldn't be anyone judging you outside of you!

   If your failure was in the process of achieving a personal goal. Especially something that you are passionate about....who should care if things don't go quite right or if it flopped belly up. Is it REALLY a failure? 

   It's not really failure. It's a step in the growing process. Failures ask the question, are you passionate enough to continue, to grow. Failures ask, what have you learned. Failure are our teachers, our motivators and should inspire.

   Any task where you know you gave it 100%, well that's success not a failure!  

Smiley face Be positive    Yes, you are responsible for your own life. No one is greater than any other. Especially when it comes to material things, physical being or life's situations. 

   One can be a success to one group yet a failure in other.  So who is judging your success or, a hater, jealous co-worker? WHO's to judge you?

   That ole saying, do something you really love and it's not really work!  Right?

   That works fine of course in terms of success or failure when pursuing a personal goal. What about when it's apart of everyday life?

   What if the failure is brought on by life's environment, society or just human interference. The likes of prejudice, dis-respectfulness or bullying. Some experiences are completely out of our control.
In the sense, we still have to go back to who is the true failure. 

   If a person is teased because of their physical being, say their weight, to short or to tall, doesn't speak like the others. Who is the true failure here. Certainly not the person with the physical differences. Differences is actually grand. Who wants to wake-up to a world where everyone looks & thinks like one another?  Boring.....
   The failure is the loser who would degrade another human being who has no control over their attributes. Because in reality....they, the bullies can change the way they look at life, people & situations. Thereby reacting differently. One only has to look at the situation as an empowerment.  From anothers negative ignorance, their weakness, their failure is really ones own strength. Ones own success. 

   Just like an incomplete goal. One finds out what not to do the next time. Here you learn who are not your friends. And one learns to move on and hang out with better 

That's success.             
If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down
Life, oh what a life we live in. 

   What I'm simply saying is. We are our own success story. Most times it's only an incompletion not a failure.

No-one but no-one except you writes your story.

Excerpts from Got Questions Ministries -  

"How does the Bible define success?"

    He also abundantly provides good physical gifts to His children (food, clothing, houses, etc.), and He loves to do it (Matthew 6:25-33). Yet, most of us, at one time or another, focus on the gifts rather than on the Giver. 

   Because we are focusing on the wrong things. That may be why the Lord sometimes limits His gift-giving to us—so we do not stumble over the gifts and fall away from Him. 

Always look on the Bright side of life
   Picture two hands. In the right hand there are the offer of true contentment, the ability to handle life’s problems without being overcome by them, amazing peace that sees us through all circumstances, wisdom to know what to do, knowledge and constant direction for life, love for others, acceptance of ourselves, joy no matter what, and at the end of life, an eternity with the God who freely gives all these gifts. The other hand holds all the money and power and success the world has to offer, without any of what the right hand holds. Which would you choose? 
 “Where your treasure is, there also is your heart” (Matt. 6:21). 

There is NO real success nor failure you only LIVE & LEARN

It's about your perspective.
Your perceptive A picture of kitten seeing his Tiger reflection in a puddle of water

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