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Friday, June 8, 2018

Investing: No better Time Than The Present!

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Look, money can be funny. 

Not having enough of it or none at all isn't the slightest bit tickling. Yet, we play with it everyday just to discard it as soon as the next shiny object appears. Take it from me, you just don't want to keep working your butt off everyday and then having nothing to show for it when you no long can work your butt off!

If you are a baby-boomer, you've undoubtedly heard these old wise words...... 

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"Work hard, save your money" 

Or how about,

 “When you work on something that only has the capacity to make you $5, it does not matter how much harder you work, the most you will make is $5.” ~ that one is by Idowu Koyenikan.

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If you are a millennial, you may be tech savvy and all, yet, the way you deal with savings, debts & retirement is still just as common and related as it was a generation before the baby-boomers.

Both these quotes have a relationship and a dissolution about them. 

Yes, you can work hard and save, while the amount you save, is all that gets saved! No matter how hard you work.

When we are younger, the world seems endless, our future.....immortal. We rack up school/student loans and credit card debts. Cars and other notes, on the firm belief that it will get paid off in the future. Not really concern about the repayment till near it's due date. In those days, we were in fact, simply living for only the next day.

Before you know it, you've got a wife or husband, a couple of awesome kids, a house & car note. All the while, that credit card & student loan is not only still there, it hasn't shrunk. In fact, because of the family and all that comes with it, that credit card has also multiplied. And the debt owed on them alone eats up a nice chunk of income monthly. 

And yet, we haven't even gotten to the savings part. First, take a look at a previous post on "Accumulate wealth, eliminate debt".

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Then saving and investing becomes your stairway to financial security.

As I mentioned in this earlier post, saving isn't really doing much for you except baby-sitting your money till you decide on some new shiny toy to purchase or withdraw it just to pay on another debt. 

Once there is a clear understanding that as long as you "owe someone", you'll never truly become financially independent nor wealthy.

Those of us who haven't giving up on dreams, goals or that bucket-list. Understand that we have to step-up our game. Money doesn't grow on trees yet it can grow. Money does make the world go round. And we need more of it just to see some of it.   

Now millennial's, because they are born into this new world of technology, computers, smartphones & apps, they have a slight edge. Baby-boomers & retirees may have to overcome some learning curves. Yet, we are in an era, that really does offer anyone with the patience & willingness to succeed an opportunity to grow their income substantially no matter what you have to start with.

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With that being said, it is this technology, that is offering these opportunities. Which is as I mention earlier, why the millennial's have a slight advantage over say, senior citizens. 

Through these technologies, we put our money into, so as to see our own money grow out of it. 

In the financial world, they call it "Investing" with the dictionary explaining it as follows.

"Expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture."

Investing - allows you to have your money work for you. As we get older, (not old), just older. Working smarter is just common sense than trying to keep working harder. I believe that we are not here just to work, pay bills than die. No, no, no.........!

Investing allows for compound interest. Over time and long term planning, the stock markets have consistently rose. Offering a much better returns for your dollar. Tax advantages, exciting while contributing to your favorite product, business or ventures. All these plus, you can make investing profitable, fun & worthwhile.  

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Why is investing now as good or even better as any other time in history?

If we talk about a long term investment strategies......say 10, 15 or 25 years from now. We are not just talking about retirees but, the millennial's for the next 15 - 25 years.

Using compound interest, if you were to take $5,000.00 and invest it into a stock, adding $100 per month for the next 15 years. Having a broker or you manage that investment for a mere 10% per month return rate. At the end of 15yrs, that initial $5,000.00 plus $100.00/month investment would now become $64,070. ($23,000 on principal & $41,070 in interest).

Not to complicate things to much, yet, one can tap into a little day trading or swing trading and that 10% monthly return rate would increase that percentage.

Now that's just a small investment and just a little effort to manage a 10% monthly yield. The right product or company pick could dramatically increase your chances of turning that initial investment into something super crazy.

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Which brings me to....."No better time than the present"

There are industries and products set forth today for tomorrow, that are truly what are called "disruptive technology".  You know some of yesteryear's disruptive techs like personal computers that disrupted the typewriter, Email disrupted the mail system, cellphone disrupted the landline telephone network, laptops disrupted the personal computer, smartphone disrupted all above and alternative energy is disrupting the fossil fuel industry. 

The companies that support & produce these future products are going to make ordinary people, not just wealthy, yet, multi-millionaires and even billionaires in the long run. All simply because they took time to learn how to invest, paying attention to trends and take action.

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POST  ~  D.W.W.D. Do What the Wealthy Do exactly where we are today. Just to name a few disruptive products starting with the international fiat currency system being disrupted by Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies,  atlcoins & tokens. 

The pharmaceutical and alcohol companies are being disrupted by the Marijuana/cannabis/cannabidiol evolution.

Renewable & clean energy, Drone technology (UAV) or (AI) Artificial Intelligence are just a gleams into the future markets.

So yeah........Learn to invest now. Better late than never. If you didn't know, someone just informed you. 


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Friday, December 15, 2017

Cryptocurrency: Modern Day Gold Mine ~ Digital Millionaires or 21st Century Cyber Boom

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   Just one year ago, if you were to engage a conversation on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies or bitcoin investment. Chances are you would have gotten the curious dog's head tilting look of confusion. 

  What is this bitcoin....block what......ledgers? Indeed, a new era of terminology has surfaced including words like:

Bitcoin decentralized mining wallet cryptocurrency dugutalMining, token, ethereum, Gas, transaction block, smart contract, digital currency, altcoin, sha-256, cryptography, wallet, fork, hardfork, softfork, hashrate, ICO Initial Coin Offering, node, private key, proof of work, proof of stake.

These are but a few of the jargons that are now immersed in discussions around the financial industry. With this just being the beginning. As the current reigning cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" rises in popularity and value. So does it's influence on the other 1300+ altcoins. As well as it's significance in the growth of this distributed ledger technology. 

Blockchain cryptocurrency transaction finance technology exchangeBlockChain, the science behind this disruptive technology. Will be the dominating mechanics in future industries. Mainly due to it's ability to provide trust behind any online digital transactions by ensuring the integrity of the data exchanged among devices without going through a third party.

The future in this technology will quite simply remain intact for years to come. It's implications as of today still has not been fully exposed. Security and trust benefits being the primary influence of this distributed ledger. 

Because of the nature of this technology, financial institutions will be able to cut cost/fees by the eliminating middle-person or third party out of the transaction process. Increasing security along the way.  Yet, blockchain will be incorporate into many other usages........with the world transforming deeply into digitization. This technology, is the perfect answer to the future Internet Of Things.

Blockchain with a network of computer linked

Banking, smart-contract, music & video distribution. Passports, birth certificates & medical records are only the tip of the iceberg within this industry.  Making this a sustainable technology worthy of a long term investment.

On to Bitcoin and it's altcoin sidekicks

In the world of Bitcoin, as of  Dec. 18, 2017 it's value has been hovering around the $19,000.00 range. 

As of Jan. 14th, 2018 $13,383.70

Only just a year ago it's was at $778.00. For those in the know, bitcoins history has been a long slow roller-coaster ride until recently. 
  • 2010 - July $0.08
  • 2011 - Feb. $1.00 in July $31.00 by Dec. $2.00 
  • 2012 - Dec. $13.00
  • 2013 - Apr. $266 June dipped $70 then $600 -$1000 
  • 2014 - Jan. $750-$1000 end the year $440-$630
  • 2015 - Mar. $200 - $500
  • 2016 - May - Nov.  $450-$780
  • 2017 - Dec. $19,697 All-time high
  • 2018 - Jan. $13.383.70 

As you can see, Bitcoin has had a rather interesting journey. I can see a few of you now......."Dude, if I only brought $500.00 worth in 2012." At today's market value that would have netted you a cool $653,845.50.          
That's where long term "buy & Hodl" investment strategy I wrote about in my last post comes into play.

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Where is Bitcoin heading now? With 2018 is just around the corner. What strategies does one plan as the likes of Ethereum, Litecoin & a host of other altcoins beginning their ascend into the unknown. With bitcoin and it's futures giving a bit of credibility to this digital currency. Should investors take heed?

If we were to reflect on the period between April 1997 - June 2003 perhaps better known as the dot-com boom or dot-com bubble. Would it be safe to invest into other digital currencies? Or should we simply just "hodl"?

What are some of the experts saying..........?

"I think the reason people buy high, besides the fact that they are investing on emotion, is because they don't know how to value a business."
Tom Vilord, president and CEO of Wall Street Value, an investor consulting and education company.

Michael Spencer, CEO of NEX Group Plc, a London financial expert. Talking to Guy Johnson of BloombergTV, can see bitcoin’s price reaching $20,000 before reversing steeply. Spencer joins a slow growing group who believe that Bitcoin is or in a bubble

The Bitcoin industry has been rife with scams and thefts, so it's hard to believe that the currency will be able to sustain itself over the long term. It has also been linked to drug trafficking and illegal gambling. I see it as a fad and nothing more, and as more people lose real money because of the legal issues surrounding Bitcoin, I eventually see it fading from existence.
Andrew Schrage ~ Founder and CEO of Money Crashers Personal Finance
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Bitcoin might have an inflationary or deflationary effect. It's too early to be sure which way it might influence monetary aggregates and velocity of circulation. It could expand the de facto money supply and could increase or decrease the velocity of circulation of the supply of fiat money and near-money.  Bitcoin might bring back Gresham's Law by driving out inferior or "bad" money."
Dr. John C. Edmunds ~ National Economist and Financial Reformist

"This is a dangerous speculative bubble by any shadow or stretch of the imagination." Stephen Roach told CNBC's The Rundown. "This is a toxic concept for investors.
 Stephen Roach, Yale University senior fellow and the former Asia chairman and chief economist at investment bank Morgan Stanley.

"You need to understand how it works as an investment, how liquid it is ( can you get out when you want to), the level of risk and what can drive the price up and down. Do not invest just because a friend told you to, but to do your own research and make the decision that's right for you."
Martin Lewis ~Money Saving Expert 

Kevin O'Leary explains one big thing people don't understand about bitcoin 

Worse case scenario for  bitcoin investors........?
  • The whole world would consider Bitcoin illegal
  • You could get hacked or loose you private key
  • Other Altcoins surpassing Bitcoin in value (investors abandoning ship)
  •  Could “kill the planet” due to the amount of energy required to mine the currency.

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