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INVESTMENTS: What To Invest In 2018 And WHY!

A monetary or assets commitment for a period of time intended to produce a future income perhaps in the form of interest or dividends.

An upward trend that started in 2009, 2017 continued it's bullish year in the stock market. Sustaining it's 3rd best year since 1967. With the expecting tax reform before the years end, the stock market (US) posted a nearly 22% total return (21.8%) for the year. Along with double digit corporate earnings and a strong economic, growth looks to continue in 2018. 

As the first week of 2018 indicated with yet another record, the DOW Jones breaks 25K. That following the Dow's already 71 All-time highs since 1995 of 69. Including since 1995, the stock market went through 2017 with it's lowest volatile levels without a dip below 3%.

 With global growth likely to continue through 2018, equities are likely to benefit from gains throughout the year. The technology sector being a huge component of today's economy, looks to fuel yet another bullish year.

Investors should always understand the risks involved in investing, the markets do fluctuate. These posting are of informational purposes only. Professional finance advisors  should always be consulted before investing.

Time is Money Video - 100 Day Challenge

With that being said,  I have decided that I would establish my own pick for 2018. The charts below, I will update 2-3 times a week within my others posts. 

The "2018 Wehit "Pick & Track" chart will be my own personal top 16 pick that I have an interest in. These picks, I will post as of this posting several times a week on their progress. They are a variation of biotech, technology, cannabis and cryptocurrency entities. I am watching the performance of these stocks as part of an on-going research into these industries in 2018. Again, these are of interest to @wehit and are in no way a recommendation. 


AMBA  Ambarella Inc $54.92 -5.29    8.79%
ACBFF  Aurora Cannabis Inc $10.64 -0.30    2.75%
AVAV    AeroVironment Inc$52.86-0.92    1.71%
EXEL    Exelixis Inc $29.99-0.02    0.07%
ETH      Ethereum  $1,266.05            1.74%
HIMX   Himax Techn. Inc.$10.74-0.36    3.47%
HTC      HTC Corp$70.50 -0.20     0.28%
RIOT    Riot Blockchain Inc$22.94 -1.08     4.50%   
SIEB     Siebert Financial Corp. $15.11 -0.68     4.31%
STM     STMicroelectronics $23.49 +0.05    0.21%
SYNA    Synaptics Inc. $41.85 -0.53     1.25%
TWMJF  Canopy Growth corp $33.43 -0.44     1.30%
VFFIF    Village Farms International Inc $7.21 +0.06     0.85%
VRTHF  Veritas Pharma  $0.67 -0.02      2.70%
VTC       Vertcoins $5.90               5.55%
VUZI     Vuzix Corp. $8.75 -0.05      0.06%

These top 5 winners and losers charts below. I will track for informational purposes. What stocks are up or down and information on their performances. 

GREEN - are UP in performances
Red - are DOWN in performances

Top 5 Winners & Losers
DSI Systems Inc. $79.89 +14.74                 22.62%
WBAI 500 Com LTD $12.72 +1.12                   9.66%
PRTY Party City Inc $15.05 +1.30                   9.45%
VNCE Vince Holding $6.40 +0.52                    8.84%
CMCM Cheetah Mobile $15.22 +1.23                    8.79%
SUV Supervalue $16.94 -2.69                     13.70%
BHVN BioHaven Pharm.$27.09 -2.98                     9.91%
SIG signet Jewel $52.69 -3.90                     6.89%
RES  Rpc Inc $24.27 -1.78                     6.83%
CGG CGG $5.92 -0.43                      6.77%


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