Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lead generation is the key to unlimited Online business success

   This is truth. Online business sponsoring and recruiting is the only possible way to earn a major income.

   The Internet has completely changed the way network marketers generate fresh leads.

  Social networking is not only a fun avenue but also  extremely powerful.  It allows people to interact with other people who have similar interests (Direct sales, MLM, Online marketing). This is also a great place to generate exclusive targeted leads. 

   An extremely effective and powerful method is known as "Attraction Marketing".                            

What is this 

Simply, it is doing something so that people come to YOU as oppose to you seeking them out.

- Position yourself as an expert by providing valuable free information and provide solutions to your target market.
    - The internet is as powerful as one can harness. It never takes a day off, it is open 24/7, and it's open to the whole world.

With that being said

    - "Social networking" Is a key tool to attraction marketing & lead generation.

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Instrgram
  4. Twitter
  5. Reddit
  6. Pinterest
  7. VineCamera
  9. Tumblr
  10. Flickr
  11. Google+
  12. Linkedin

   In order to get targeted lead you need to be where the people are and social networking is HUGE.

   Become a "product of your environment"........ when you hang around people long enough, you generally become just like them. Socialize, follow those that you want to be like. Find similar interest and watch your network grow...... those fresh leads!

 While using the internet to attract high quality prospects, customers, leads, partners, and leaders into your business is a no-brainer, but it requires a solid plan to achieve great results.

You can also buy leads:

*CAUTION*    Do your due diligence as are many of these out there with plenty selling outdated/worthless leads!

   When you pay for advertising, you need a way to recoup those costs as fast as possible. What most successful internet marketers do is position a low cost product in between them and their leads. This is called a self-funded proposal.

   When someone clicks on your ad, and enter their email address, you take them to a sales page (video pages tend to work best), and that sales page should have a great sales pitch on a very lose cost product that you earn 100% commission from.

Continued Success :^)