Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mobile Tech Smart phones & more.....

Lets talk Smart phones & mobile technology.

First, some basics:
   A cell or mobile phones combined with a mobile operating system equals a smartphone. It is a high-end mobile phone. The "mobile operating system" or (OS) is much the same as the "brains" on your home computer or laptop. Except, you are mobile, wireless! Like.....Google Androids, Apples iOS & Microsoft's Window 7.

   In as simple as it is, your smartphone aka feature phone in a handheld computer. I can assure you of this because I do 80% of my home based business through my smartphone. That includes blogging, socializing (Facebook, Tweeting etc.,)....internet surfing and pretty much everything you do on your home computer/laptop you can do on today's smartphone.

   Your smartphone can wirelessly connecting electronic devices (Wi-fi) examples are portable game systems(PSP, DSi), your laptop. They will take high-quality pictures, have a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a feature I truely love is the Touch Screen

   Yes, today's technology has allowed more computing in your handheld phone than that was in our first Mercury mission into space.

 Remember Dick Tracy's radio wristwatch......I know, I'm showing my age but it is absolutely amazing what these phones are capable of........
......Movies & TV shows can be fully watched in amazing clarity (HD -High Definition), listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world. lets, not forget that you can send e-mails, write on your blog, build websites........and run a complete internet business.

 Are you up to date? Is your phone all that it can be?

With a reported 50 million people in the USA alone owning a smartphone as of 2011. Keeping up on the advances is a most. Hope this helps clear up some of that. I remember once being told back in the day when I was selling desktop personal computers(PC), that if i didn't keep up learning about the advancements in PCs. I would be computer illiterate within two years. This goes the same for smartphones out cause they will next take over tablets????

Here popular smartphone on the market now!

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Grow & succeed :^)