Saturday, May 21, 2011

Truth is Network/Internet marketing is hard work!

   I'd like to start off this entry, asking the question....How & why there are so many people in this industry (Network/Internet marketing)? When it is widely known that only 3% will ever be successful & less than 15% will break pass even or R.O.I. (Return On your Investment). I am asking myself this question, simply because I have been in this biz for a number of years now. I 've seen it all, well, most of it. I'm sure to see alot more interesting events as time goes on. And so many continued to promote, so many claim you can success doing almost nothing. Push button this......3 clicks that. Yet, most of these people barely understand what marketing is about, let alone what a business is!

   So, Let me tell you, there has been plenty of long hours.......buildling webpages, articles, blogs, telephone conferences, product & company reviews, set-backs, drop-outs. Just to name a few of the elements one goes through in the industry just to even get to my current position in this monopoly. But in the end, when you get that e-mail confirming a sale or a new prospect has come on-board. you realize that the efforts of yesterday.....has paid off today. (It has help pay bills, even supported me because of sitter issue for my child where quit my job). And thats what counts. But, its who I'm, what I want to become that will set me aside.

Tweet Traffic Rush!

   So what brings me to this point is that there is so much (excuse the term) junk out there that people invest their hard earn money to try and get rich quick. You'd think that as long as this type of press-agentry has been going on, it would be fewer of these nonsense opportunities, better yet fewer people falling for these sites. Yet, every year bring a fresh new crop of get rich quick enthusiants, that believe you can make money doing nothing! And that is why some of these "guru" make HUGH amounts of money and  YOU DON"T!
   Most times its out of desperation, hopeful wishing but I must say some of those types of marketer are very good at saying/writing their ads that it becomes impulsive buying that springs into action, leaving common sense behind.

Side note: MLM in itself is not the culprit, understand that as you know......there are people out there that will do ANYTHING for money.  However, there are redoubtable companies in this industry. So be vigilant in your quest to associate your business with these get rich quick now companies.
   Look, presume must have a product/service that someone is willing to pay money for and you get paid from the sale of that product/service.. Exchange of something for money. No product/service....well where will the money come from to paid you?

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Think about this:
~ the average pay out for most products/services particularly MLM artifacts is about $3-$5 per person in your organization/downline ( thats at least 1000 people needed in your business to generate a $3000 - $5000 a month income)
~ Most,but not all MLM companies make their money from buildling an organization/downline not from the sales. Perhaps consider - direct-sales marketing to start off with. ( I say this because you get paid for what you are able to sale. You get to learn about marketing online....what works, what doesn't work. Plus, and very importantly, you can mature a following aka building a list that believe in you, your brand).

Things to consider in this business:
  • Prepared to do work: its that simply! Nothing worth something is ever going to be just giving to you. Especially money. 
  • Learn something NEW everyday about the computer, the internet & technology - there are many great marketing tools & duplication systems you can implement to help your small business. 
  • Yes, that right....Rememeber that you MUST treat your network/internet marketing undertakings as a "business". 
  • Keep in touch as much as possible with you prospects, clients/consumers & downline. 
  • Paying your dues.....meaning if you are new to online marketing, expect to learn alot before you earn alot
 "In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words:
people, product and profits.Unless you've got a good team,( the trilogy) you can't do much with the other two".
- Lee Iacocca