Wednesday, April 6, 2011

STOP.....Overcome procrastination

Eliminate the Time Wasters in Selling

By Brian Tracy

   -- The first major time waster in selling is procrastination and delay. This occurs when you find every conceivable reason to put off getting there with people who can and will buy from you. Everyone procrastinates. There is always too much to do and too little time. The difference between successes and failures is determined by people's choices about what they put off. Losers put off the important things that could make a difference in their lives. Winners put off low-value tasks and activities.

Stop Wasting Time

   -- According to Robert Half International, half of all working time, in all fields, is wasted. Most of this wasted time is taken up with coffee breaks, phone calls, and personal business, or other useless activities that make no contribution to your work.

Resolve to Overcome Procrastination

   -- The best way to overcome procrastination is to plan each day in advance, set priorities on your activities, and then make your first sales call as early as you possibly can. Get up and get going. When you launch quickly into a workday, doing something important as early as possible, you will work at a higher level of effectiveness all day long.

The Incomplete Sales Call

   -- Another major time waster is the incomplete sales call, requiring a callback. This occurs when you have not thoroughly prepared your presentation or taken all the materials you need for your sales call. When you are with the customer, you find you're missing the correct order forms, or other materials needed to close the sale. You then have to make arrangements to go back and see the prospect a second time, something that often does not happen.

Inaccuracies and Deficiencies

   -- You waste a lot of time in selling when you find yourself with a prospect, but without all the information needed to make an intelligent presentation. You may have the wrong facts, the wrong figures, or the wrong specifications. You have misunderstood what the prospect said she wanted and made a proposal that does not solve the prospect's problem or satisfy her need.

Lack of Product Knowledge

   -- This weakness can cost you hours of hard work. It boils down to ignorance of the product or service you are selling. This is invariably caused by laziness on the part of the salesperson. Fortunately it can be very easily overcome with time and study.

Poor Preparation

   --Thorough preparation separates the sheep from the goats among sales professionals. The top salesperson takes the time to diligently study every detail of her product or service. She reviews and then reviews again. She takes notes. She decides in advance that no one will ever ask her a question that she cannot answer intelligently and completely.

Unconfirmed Appointments

   -- Here's a common scenario. A salesperson sets off across town to see a prospect for an appointment. It was arranged in advance, so everything should go as planned, right? But when the salesperson arrives, the prospect has been called out of town, is in a meeting, or cannot see him for some reason. As a result, he has wasted the entire trip, including the time it now takes him to get back to the office. Sometimes a salesperson can lose half a day because he did not reconfirm an appointment.

Action Exercise

   -- Plan every day in advance; make a list of everything you have to do, and then set priorities on your list; always start with your number one, most important task

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What is this Home based internet business & why is it of interest to me?

About working a Home based business:

The Benefits of Owning a Home Based Business

1. Low Risk. Your initial start up cost is usually less than $500.00 and you can get started today. The money you spend is for product to consume yourself and share with others. The advertising cost is minimal because most if not all is done through word of mouth.

2. Residual Income. As you build your organization, the company will continue to pay you every week by a wire transfer into your bank or onto your very own debit card. Once you build your business and as it continues to grow the weekly income becomes greater and greater.

3. Flexibility. Whether youre full time or part time you choose your own schedule to work. You are not obligated to clock in or have to be somewhere at a certain time. Its your business and you determine the outcome of your financial gain.

4. Time Leveraging of Others. If you want to create true wealth you must leverage yourself with people. The larger your organization becomes the less time you will have to spend working the business. It is a must that you have a system that is duplicatable, easy to understand for your distributors that become leaders and will carry on your system to others.

5. You Are The Boss. Its your business and you have control, just follow the proven system like any good business would and you can write your own pay check.

6. Tax Benefits. When you own your own business the government will give you all kinds of tax benefits. You can write off a portion of your home office, vehicle, travel and many other things. Its a 1099 world out there!