Saturday, March 5, 2011

Going Mobile in 2011

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Here's an exercise for you;

Imagine that it's possible for you to earn 10 times your current annual wage. If you're earning $25,000, imagine for a moment that it's possible for you to earn $250,000, a 1,000 percent increase.

Believe in Yourself

The first reaction of most people to that exercise is to smile briefly and then to begin thinking about why it isn't possible. One man said to me, "If you knew how many years it's taken for me to get to what I'm earning today you wouldn't be suggesting that I could earn 10 times as much."

There Are No Excuses

Mark Twain once wrote that there are a thousand excuses for every failure but never a good reason. The tragedy of the average American is that whereas his or her main preoccupation seems to be money, or the lack thereof, the average person has the inherent potential to earn far more than he or she is earning currently.

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Can Someone Be 10x Better?

Is the manager earning $250,000 per year ten times as smart as the manager earning $25,000? Ten times as experienced? Does he or she work 10 times harder? Of course not. None of these are physically or mentally possible, but there are people in every business earning many times more than others with the same average age, experience and intelligence.

I.Q. Doesn't Really Matter

In fact, a few years ago in New York, a thousand men and women were selected at random and tested for I.Q. Between the one having the highest I.Q. in this sample and the one with the lowest, there was a difference of only two and a half times. But between the person earning the most, who by the way, was not the one with the highest I.Q. and the one earning the least, who was not the one with the lowest I.Q., there was a difference of 100 times in income.

Here are two things you can do to start increasing your income.

First, identify the highest earning, most successful people in your field and find out what it is that they are doing differently from others who aren't doing as well. Copy them every day.
Second, set a goal to double your income over the next two or three years and then figure out what you'll have to do to achieve it. Get started!  

SMS vs. Email Marketing:

97% of text messages (SMS’) are read within approximately one (1) minute of receiving. Text message (SMS) marketing has an approximate response rate of 23%+. That is ten (10) times the response rate of email advertisements! On average, out of 100 marketing emails sent out, only 22% are actually read, with a response rate of less than 2%. * We have a winner! SMS hands down!

(*Information source: Direct Marketing Association/DMA 2010)

Mobitizing your business (or organization) helps you establish a unique, direct and effective connection with your customers (or members). Today’s consumers almost NEVER leave home without their mobile phone. That means with Mobitize, your customers are always within your reach and can receive your advertisements via text message (SMS) anywhere, 24/7, 365!

The Mobi-Adz solution allows you to send out text message (SMS) advertisements to customers that “opt-in” to receive them. You can send them targeted text messages (SMS’) informing them of the information you want them to know about your business. The most common types of messages our members currently send out to their respected “opted-in” customers include; discount offers via virtual coupons or promo code, news and announcements, advertising an event, exclusive limited time offers, VIP contests, weekly and or monthly updates on a cause etc…

Mobile Website:
The Mobi-Page solution is a customization mobile website page. Individuals often use it as a mobile personal profile (bio), or to highlight the business they currently work for or are currently promoting. Businesses often use it as a mobile business website to highlight their products, services and or opportunities. You can also link your social network profiles (Facebook / Twitter / MySpace etc…), YouTube videos, post pictures and important information you want people to know about you or your business (see picture below). Get the most out of your mobile (SMS) marketing package by creating and adding on the Mobi-Page link to all your text messages (SMS) advertisements

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