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People can succeed in Network Marketing/MLM.....

.......but don't be fooled. A home based business does require a lot of dedication, learning & hard work. As in any worthwhile endeavor, Network marketing/MLM  involves multiple levels of skills. Do your research, learn the latest strategies.

 But most importantly.......

Treat "Network/MLM marketing" as a BUSINESS!

E-commerce (EC).......

   is the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds through digital communications. The buying & selling over the WEB. E-commerce also incorporates all inter-company & intra-company functions (such as marketing, finance, manufacturing, selling and negotiation) that enables commerce and e-mail, EDI, file transfer, fax, video conferencing, workflow or interaction with a remote computer. (EC) includes electronic funds transfer, smart cards, debit cards, credit cards and all other ways of doing business over the digital networks.

Internet marketer & Home based business entrepreneurs....

   have become leaders in educating & facilitating the growth of the internet as they pioneer new ways to support their network organizations. By providing distributors with instant worldwide communication. It has allowed them to develop additional business through e-commerce as well as ways to build & growth your individual businesses.


 ~~Traditional Marketing involves moving a product through the hierarchy of middle-persons,from the manufacturer to the consumer. All these jobbers, wholesaler. retailers, etc., earn a profit for handling the product. In Internet Marketing/Home based Internet business these positions are unnecessary. The functions are simplified and the profit that would normally go to the middle-persons are instead shared by the individuals who is marketing for the company. It is a efficient way to distribute products and a more powerful way to earn an income.

How do individuals operate in this environment?

~~ Through business development opportunities called Network marketing. Where individuals create a business of their own, by building a network (LIST) of constant follower, visitors & distributors through which a company's product or service makes its way to its end the consumer!

Network marketing (NM) & Internet marketing 

Will consist of any one or all of these internet business models.....

    ~~ Affiliate programs, Referral marketing, Direct marketing, Multi-level marketing (MLM). Which utilizes a combination of direct marketing & franchising. Typically, individuals become associates with a parent company in an independent contractor relationship. Sellers are compensated based on their sales of a product or service, as well as the sell of those they bring into their business (their downline). Multi-level marketing has a recognized image problem because of the difficulties in making a clear distinction between legitimate network marketing & illegal "pyramid schemes" or Ponzi schemes.

   ~~Nonetheless, many NM/MLM businesses operate legitimately in all fifty U.S. states and more than 100 foreign countries. In a legitimate MLM company, commissions are only earned on the sale of products or service to the end consumer who, may or may not be a distributor. You will build a network in a network marketing holding company that represents hundreds of network marketing companies, which gives you access to many high quality products at wholesale pricing and keeps your network diversified. This protects you from downturns and fluctuations in the different markets. All purchases funnel back into the holding company's massive computer systems, which scans for group volumes each day and pays you a daily or monthly bonus. These bonuses & incomes earn from sales is automatically deposited into your electronic bank accounts (Paypal, Alertpay,etc.,).

   ~~ Using today's internet technology, social networking site & other mediums to build your list of contacts to buy,sell & attract new distributors using electronic marketing through the internet. Each distributor will have their own E-marketing place with real time video, audio and text marketing tactics. A true multi-media show, which can be sent directly to prospective clients through the internet or loaded on the webpage or auto-responder for easy access.

   ~~ Fortune 500 & New York stock exchange companies such as AVON, with world wide sales in excess of $5.5 billion - through 3.4 million representatives in 139 countries. Other major player are in the Health & Nutritional (wellness) industry but more & more technology based companies (video e-mail, VoIP, phone service, etc.,) are beginning to become exclusive to the Network marketing industry. Because of it's unique ability to rapidly penetrate wide segments of the consumer marketplace. Network marketing has even pioneered a number of today's most successful & vital products & services.

Make Money Online is a hot topic. There are many excellent books on the subject that I can recommend.

Word of mouth plus the POWER of the Internet!

   ~~ How often do you recommend a great movie, a good book, an excellent restaurant or even a brand name product you feel is a superb value? All the time, right! And, yet, have any of these companies ever paid you for the powerful, persuasive "advertising" you did on their behalf? This is what Networking marketing/Affiliate, referral marketing is really about.

You need customers who believe in you & your product. You must tell your story to people so they'll take action. Advertising/marketing was the traditional approach (newspapers, flyers, TV commercials). The reason why business' spend 20%-50% of their entire income/profit on advertising is without it, they'd go out of business.

   ~~There's a better way, a new sheriff in town. And its name is Word-of-mouth advertising also known as Affiliate/Referral marketing. People believe a trusted friend's recommendation when they wouldn't even listen to a $50 million ad campaign. Network marketing is simply a systematic approach that harness the awesome power of word-of-mouth advertising....and asks the question, "Why not get paid for something you do so naturally." Now, team that up with the POWERFUL tool of the internet....Internet marketing! The use of the internet to advertise and sell merchandise or services. This involves use of websites and e-mails to inform customers about a product, answer their question and accept their order directly through electronic medium.

Multi-level marketing businesses let you earn money based off the products you sell, and sometimes a percentage of the products sold by people you refer.

To make money online your business MUST......

- sell something in exchange for capital.

- have a product or service you earn money from on actual sale of products, not just from endless recruiting of other people.

- Sell to an end user,  someone who wants the product or service only as a USER (the consumer). He is spending without expecting a financial gain.

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