Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Should you start your Home based business in MLM?

   From the looks of my earlier post, one might get the notion that MLM is not an avenue worth traveling.

   To a certain point, this is in fact true. Truth is, MLM and work at home businesses should be in two different categories. Work from/at home or Internet marketing doesn't mean just MLM business. More on this later!

   See, the reason you get involve with any online business is for the exact reason most MLM companies advertise. To make money!
but also to........
  • have more time for you & your family
  • be your own boss
  • freedom
   There are a good, say 2-3% that actually find that way of life. The remaining quit ,or just get lost in the hoopla.

  The basis of  MLM is to answer the regular Joes financial problems. So, one must understand that in fact you are a average joe, With that comes responsibility to that business. And 97% of those regular joes & josette are failing in MLM, simply because their top level members are telling them, they will make alot of money doing what he/she does. In reality, its clear that running/marketing an MLM business is far from your regular J.O.B.

Why, you might ask?
Does the average Joe/Josette understand:
  • Marketing including internet marketing
  • Business management
  • Computers
  • Sales and Customer Relationships
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Problem solving
  • Networking 
   These are only a few of the skills needed to operate your business. Of course, nowadays, these are some of the so-called opportunities that shower the internet. These opts still require you to market. Whereby, the above mentioned skills are necessary.

   You see, the real issues with MLM as a business is that 97% are just unqualified to build a target market of those who are interested and qualified to run an online business.

   The successful work from home or internet marketer, has acquired the necessary skills and has put them into play. The regular Joe/Josette must to first learn and apply those skills. The price....time and patience!

*If you went to apply for a position at a large companies. Would it for all the jobs in that companies or would you apply for the ones you qualify for*

   This is an important issue, because so many are applying for positions in MLM, they simply do not qualified for. Hence, the 97% failure rate. Something to think about!
   Are you really, ready to run an MLM business or simply work from home or Internet marketing?

   Treat your online biz like a business!

MLM -- Are you Qualified?

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