Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is It Worth The Effort To Pursue An Online Business?

This was a question I came across in an forum -

My reply

   As a single parent, the rewards from being able to work from home online is just that, (my) rewards. I got into this industry, because I foreseen the direction it could go. A technology that could allow me to work and get paid. Like I know I have to. Just in a different manner. A format that was in it's infant stages. The Internet!

Looking over many of the comments. People should take notice of some of the points touch upon there. 

Yes, there are so many others out there that claim (act like) they are making so much money in such a short period of time, that it really does give the hard working internet entrepreneur a bad rap.

   People have a hard time believing whats really a true (good) opportunity and/or advise. Unless, one has 10's of thousand of clients in their database aka their list upfront. It will take up to as much as 12 months & as many hour as you can get in a day, to actually see a return on your investment of time & $$$. Even then one main misconception in this industry is, even after you have built your list, even after having a steady flow of inbound clients/reps, there is NO WAY, that you can work it for just a few hour a day and really expect to continue building wealth from your online endeavor.

TIP>>> Between e-mails, articles, blogs, website updates it will be a full-time business, point blank!

   Remember this is your business and when you treat it less than that, it will treat you the same way. So, what is the work for you, on your time , at your own speed and with today's technology, where you want to work from!

Continued success through hard work & education,
Andrew "1stPeacemaker" Hayes

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