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Steps taken to have your Blogs Web Presence: Getting Set-up & Connected


Steps taken to have your Blogs web presence:
 Getting Set-up & Connected

   As I layout these guidelines, note the importance that each step has in relation to the relevant theme of said topic.

   Hopefully, you have already put some thought into the subject matter that you plan on spreading across the web. Be sure to focus on the future direction you hope to take with your blog. Today, you are laying the foundation for bigger and better inter-action with your targeted audience.

   Remember, come up with your own  subject. I am using this as example.....

  • You may have an expertise in a particular career field; 
  • It may be arts & crafts 
  • Hobbies that you want to showcase or of course  
  • Some kind of product, service or information as a business
   Your blog will be use to bring awareness, connections (links) & contacts to your internet presence.

   I have taken a long standing passion about our wildlife and have started an informational blog on the plight of our environment and its effect on wildlife & our children’s' future on this planet.

BLOG started weekend of December 12th/13th, 2009

   Understand that I have already collected data (information) over the years (some of you may already know of my love for lions & (tigers)

I have a plan on why, how and where I’m going with this blog already established.

Essential steps
We want to establish some e-mail addresses:
·                    There are many others, so whatever you are comfortable with will work.

   I personal like google, simply because of the many options including search engine related avenues.
   You will need these for opening up several accounts including your Blog.
   Pay close attention to the names of your address. Get e-mail addresses that reflect the theme of your blog. 
My email addresses to new blog -
   These addresses play a vital role in the development of your blog. They will be linked to and from your social networking site...Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and any other promotions that you will do.

Choose a Blog platform:


   Again, I choose Blogger (another google related venture). Because of ease of use, it's well-established, google friendly & its many options *mobile & tech applications (apps.), etc.* 

Naming your blog:
   Put serious thought into your name & title of your blog (and website)! This can be a bit tricky. As you want the names, titles, e-mail addresses to coincide not only with each other, but also with your social networking sites name and/or titles. 
Here’s what I name my (example)Blog:
·                    SOW-SaveOurWildlife

Now its time to add content to your blog...this should include text, images & video.
IMPORTANT -- Stay relevant to the theme of your blog (Don’t name your blog "All about Pool" then write about football.

·                    Researching the internet will yield you all the information needed.

·                    If you need images the internet is full of royalty- free pictures

·            has many many video clips 

Get connected.....

Begin to let the outside world KNOW you are ONLINE! 
Set-up accounts on Social networking site:


Facebook --

Myspace --
Linkedin -- 

  *  Look for social networking sites that specialize in your            particular area of expertise *
Submit your blog to blog directories

Optional but recommended :
·                    Set-up google account
·                    (gmail)
·                    Google adsense

There are many excellent reasons to have a google account, simply..........

Because you are online

Google is the major player when it comes to establishing an online presence.

Final Note:
    As you can see from e-mail to social networking sites Words that will be used in my blog are apart of my Title, email address, social networking site name. This is extremely important because now you have multiple links tied to your blog using KEYWORD or KEYWORD PHRASES.
   This makes it much easier for your site to be pick up by Google, yahoo, MSN, Bing and hundred s of other search engines.

   People that you have targeted, should be using those types of words in search engine boxes, allowing extra visitors to your blog.

   Now as you continue to add content to your blog, as you gather a following through your social networking sites, adding links relevant to your blog. Your online presence will continue to grow.

All at little or NO cost!  

Copyright © 2010 Andrew Hayes All Rights Reserved

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