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Easy steps to QUICKLY entering the world of Home based ONLINE business - With no cost!

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   The whole idea and purpose behind operating a online business is simply to make money. To do this & build a successful business, you must have the outside world know that you have a product, services or information to offer!
  Believe me, there is an endless list of avenues to start your journey, but there is a simply and inexpensive way to build get your name recognition or as it is referred to your BRAND - your business reputation.
 It's call Blog or Blogging.
   Web Journals (Web-Log) - With a blog you can upload daily posts about anything that you want. Pictures, videos and other information can be uploaded on to your blog. Some people create personal blogs as a way to keep in touch with family members. But nowadays, blogs & bloggers are not just for personal journals.....internet marketer have discovered a powerful tool that allows businesses to connect with an audience quickly and efficiently. Everyone & anyone can have a blog created in a just short time. You can establish a personal connection with your targeted audience. It will however, take effort and frequent updates by adding new quality content to your site daily or weekly.

   As we explore the use of blogs as a inexpensive starting point to your online business.
You should be looking into a  way to show off your expertise or hobby and also make a little money while doing it, by starting a blog. You can always move on to a website and use your blog as part of your marketing strategy afterwards. (More on that , later!)   How would you feel, to do something that you love and can make a living from it?

   I have pointed out in earlier blogs, that we must first figure out what you will market? What is your passion? Do you know about something that others are interested in?

   As a baby boomer, over the course of my career, I have had the benefit of doing many different activities, learning different skills....whether it was from working, traveling or hobbies. And I am now turning some of them into a way to make extra income. Many of you have at least one skill or expertise ( you make not even have thought about this) that you have done on the side (hobbies, interests, arts & crafts, sports, music, etc.,). Maybe something you have done from being employed for many years. And you have always had a passion for a particular segment of that jobs. This can be your niche. 

LOOK...just start a blog about it!

   Provide quality and unique content about this passion or interest, the traffic will come and your blog visits will start to grow. With the help of some very simply internet marketing strategies, one person connect with two people, those people tell two more and so on and so........!

There are many FREE blogging platforms to use if you are new to this.

Sites like:
• Typepad
• Bravenet, with many others across the web

   How can you make money from blogs? Once you have built a following with interesting & quality content. Your visitors will see that you have a product (arts & crafts, maybe an E-book on your expertise or service) you can provide them.

You can also add these income generating strategies like
:• Google AdSense
• Selling Advertising
• Affiliate Marketing - Get paid for all products sold through your blog.

Sites that pay you to blog!
• American Consumer Opinion Panel- Place banners on your blog, get paid $0.50 per person that signs up
• b5Media- Get paid to write about what you love.
• Linkpost- They pay up to 70% per post. Receive payments monthly by paypal, check, or direct deposit.
• Pay Per Post- This site offers you the opportunity to complete tasks
• PayU2Blog- Get paid per post.
• ReviewMe- Get paid from $20-$200 to review products and services on your blog.
• Smorty- Get paid to write your opinion about people, products, and services. Get paid weekly.

   In up and coming blogs, I will actually start from scratch with a passion of mine. 

Combined with insights & tips I provide from my website, I will post, track these events as the blog grows enabling you to watch the actual growth through basic internet marketing strategies. Stop by and get a feel for what's going on.
When you find your true passion, you will be unstoppable in achieving your goals. Whether it be financial or personal, the internet makes it easy and affordable to make a name for yourself and build your online business.

   As a single parent father of my 8yr old son, it is essential that I'm in his life as much as possible. With a home based online business or Internet marketing, this can be accomplished. With all the hype & different paths to take, it is easy to get turn around, thereby losing interest in the direction one want to head. After several years on that same path I've learn that there are some definite basic steps needed just to ensure minimal success.

   At I have selected some resources geared towards setting your internet business on the right track. These will not be secrets or hyped gimmicks but real steps and information that place you into this world of online marketing using today's internet technology to have your presence on the web. Stop by, watch as WE all grow.

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