Monday, November 23, 2009

Important tips to consider when designing your website or blog......

   There is just one particular concept that one has to keep in mind when designing or even while revising (adding content, information, etc.,)your website. You want your site to be picked up by the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN) no matter what type of website you design. This can be free traffic (visitors) to your site if it is optimized correctly. I can not stress this enough, if no one knows your site is on the web, and then no one can visit you on the web!

   The only traffic that you will get will be the traffic that you have directly link to it, say from blogs, or social networking sites. Less traffic means less chance people will see your information.(content). If you are selling anything, well then no one can buy from you! And believe me, when consumers are ready to spend their hard earn money, they will find a place to spend it.

   Hopefully, by this point, you know exactly what your websites theme will be about. This is now the time to focus on a niche within your theme. For example, let's say your site will be about Cars. The niche will be where you narrow down a particular segment about cars. Will it be about Classic cars, race cars maybe it will focus only on American made cars. Will you be providing information about the care of automobiles, engine maintenance, maybe after-market products? Whatever the case may be, you want to define or target a group or groups within that theme and this will become your niche market, your target market.

                Once you have done this, start writing content about this, I say, start writing now, because out of this writings, 3 more important elements will emerge, that will boost your rankings in the search engine (Google) algorithm.

·                     Keywords,

·                     Keyword phrases

·                     Description tags.

   You will take certain words and phrases from your writing that will make up your keywords & description tags. And from this point on, you want to design and write content relevant to these tags & keywords. But just as equal important, is to include a keyword into the address of your website (keep it short & easy to remember) and the title of your page. 

   Example: we are putting together a site aimed at after-market products for classic cars. We may want to address our page something close to -- or Your title should also include keywords that will be use on your page -- "Where to buy after-market products for your Classic cars".

As you can see, there are certain words being used that people will put into a search engine box.  Thereby, assisting the search engine to find your site! There are a number of free online tools, such as Google Keyword tool, that can help select the best search terms for your site. Remember that your website will serve as your main online presence and the main hub or redirecting point for all of your online promotional efforts. Your website should be distinctive, easy to navigate, and full of useful information. Many studies show that adding videos to a website increases traffic and time visitors stay on your site, look to add video that are relevant and useful to your target audience. You should become familiar with the use of basic Html code. This is the primary website design language.

    Keep in mind that thousands of others are doing the same thing.....wanting to make money online!
 Finding ways to be unique will take creativity, constant revisions & updates. You will have to use blogs, articles & press releases to attract (links) consumers to your website while building connections and this is just a part of the overall strategy use to boost your online presence. Visit as I continue to provide insight & tips that will strengthens the foundation of your online endeavors.
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