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   In any venture that one wants to endure. The first step is the conception

   The ideas or dreams of what WE want to do, where we want to be, who we can to become. All have started with a thought. Turning thoughts into reality becomes the biggest obstacle for most of us in our lifetime.

   There will always be a reason not to, let say, go after this conception, this dream or goal...... "I can't do this" - "I have others things to do" or  even "Others don't believe in me!" But, what's really keeps us from achieving our full potential is our faith in ourselves!

   Over the centuries, men & women have stepped out of their comfort zone. To go against the grain, to do what was believed to be un-achievable. And found that their faith & passion propelled them to levels, even they themselves thought unattainable.

   As we get older, as we become mature. We tend to become more conservative in our actions. Indeed this is what maturity represents.....think before you act!  But, in the same breath we also lose our willingness to dream.

   As children, our minds are filled with imagination and wonder......they (WE) wanted to be Presidents, firemen, pilots race car driver etc., and as children we wanted to do all of it.

Maturity, says that we obviously can't do or be all of these things.

   You have to ask yourself, even tell yourself  "Why,  can't I do at least something now......that my childhood heart once believe in?  How close to it can I achieve it in my lifetime. 

   (I have 3 children, 2 are grown adults. My oldest Son , I watched him at about the age 7. perform hands on electronic assembly - One time, he took one of his sister's talking dolls and connected it to one of those singing Hallmark cards. Daughter wasn't to happy. But it was not only funny but a gleams into his natural ability. He would build car audio systems in his teens. My goodness, the mess of electronic components in his room, LOl.  As an adults he works as a cable, internet & E.S.T. electronic systems technician. 

   I watched my only daughter, as a little girl, line up her dolls and play school/teacher with them. Attend college to major as an business accountant. Graduate, work in her field, only to leave it and go back to school to become a teacher. Yes, she is a teacher! 

  She went back to school for more degrees so she could not only teacher at a school where she wanted  - there were (2) One being because it's would be where my grandchildren would be going. This coming school year, she will be teaching at the school my grandkids will attend.)

   What will it take to really set the stage......what little strategies or short term goals will it take to forward one step closer to our bigger picture?


   When you really want & believe in something good, you can achieve them.  Sometimes the down side is, we lose the security of our comfort zone. The lose of something, the comfort that we are use to or what will I have to give up?

   We are, in today’s society giving so much more than what we really need to survive. 

   Technology, its grand. But, unless we can better understanding that sometimes, in order to achieve any dream or goal - there will be sacrifices, loss! An effort is necessary on our human emotional side. 

   To NOT take a risk at something we have a passion for, only limits ourself to our true ability. Our true calling. This is where believing in your ability. Having real faith.....that Good overcomes the bad. That with failures, setbacks or even hard-times it will bring lessons to be learned. 

   Look .....Knowledge stems from doing, learning & attempting things challenging to our comfort circle of life. In doing so, you simply grow! Success, failure, ups, downs, fast or slow becomes lessons learned and wisdom fostered. 

   Doing things that are for the good & wellbeing of others may have their tribulations & struggles , but believing in yourself while having a strong faith, and you will prevail.

Believe in something or you will fall for anything!

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