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ENTREPRENEUR -- One who organizes, manages, and assumes the                                 RISK of a business or enterprise.

    If  network marketing or home-based business isn't an entrepreneur, I don't know what is.

Please read the definition once again......organizes, manages & assumes the risk.

   Every business offers an reasonable amount of risk.  Whether it be traditional or a home based business one has to assume the responsibility to run it as a business.

   Internet marketing or Home-based business are risky, and even though they may not be classified as a franchise (in the business sense) they are micro-franchise (in the business sense).

   Despite those that have fail, those that have a negative ideology about MLM, network marketing and the such......People are making an income.

   Some make a little, some make a moderate amount, some make a part-time income, some make a full-time income and some even become wealthy at this.

   Where one ends up at, is that persons individual responsibility to organize, manage & assume the risk as a business person.

   If a person had a million dollar, an opened up a traditional business, it could very well be an different outcome for the one that has a solid background in business to that of someone with no business back-ground, to that even of one that is inexperienced, but learns to operate that business.

   All day long we could go back & forward on the pros & cons of MLM and the such. But true ENTREPRENEURS will be entrepreneurs  win or lose.

   Now as for me, I do this not to get wealthy.... that's the end benefit, I do this to be in my sons life.

   As an entrepreneur, i'm assuming a responsibility to provide not only an income, but the opportunity to be in his life as much as humanly possible. While also providing my clients & business the necessary attention needed for continued growth.

*NOTE* When Michael Jackson passed away many of us baby-boomer stepped back to reevaluate our life's mission.

   God forbid , I pass anytime soon, But I will live my life everyday being & doing something for my child, because HE (GOD) could very well one day call for me. And everyday that I show my son something new whether its is learning, doing or reinforcing the positive elements of this life is another GREAT DAY.

As a side note:

   I has run or been apart of several traditional business ventures:

   I've also been in sales, the military & for almost a decade in law-enforcement. This included: running a record & clothing store, a music production/record label & a mobile DJ business ( if it wasn't for my son age, this is pretty much what I would be doing now, (the DJ Biz). 

   I chose this path because of the benefits (including the financial) that I feel fit for my lifestyle. I love the challenge, the people I meet but more so, I assume the responsibility & risks that come with MLM, Internet marketing, Home-based business or Network marketing.

   And that includes the responsibility to educate, inform & assist those that WANT to improve their knowledge in this industry so as to have a greater success.

It is OUR be an Entrepreneur.


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