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First 3 steps: Essential to starting your own Home based Internet business

Andrew D Hayes, Basic Author

1st. 3 steps: Essential to starting your own Home based Internet business

1)   In this industry especially as you start, you will do alot of work up front. It will seem like
you are not accomplishing anything but, in fact, you're really just one more step closer in a list of tasks that has to be performed.

Why, what, when, where & how  factors into your achievements.

·                     What is it that you want?

·                     How are you going to get there?

·                     When will you do the work?

·                     When will you see a (ROI) return on invest?

·                     Where do you begin? And, the oh so important..........

·                     WHY?

   WHY do you want to work from home?

   WHY do you chose Internet marketing?

   Motivation & having a real solid commitment to achieving those baby steps, those small goals, will create the foundation of your business.

   Working hard, getting it right & by initiating a few simple but effective steps then refining those steps. Can almost guarantee your success in your online endeavors. If you understand & have a passion for this industry, you have leap over a tall barrier! Do understand, that for the serious entrepreneur, one knows that this is not going to get you rich or wealthy overnight nor next week, let alone this month.

   It really is an....on-going events the requires constant attention, building, improvements topped with plenty of patients.

A few questions you should ask yourself

·                   Do you know why you are considering this business opportunity?

·                   Will your personal work habits/ethics enable to enjoy running a home based business?

·                   Do you like to make your own decisions?

·                   Do you enjoy competition?

·                   Do you have the will power and self-discipline?

·                   Do you plan ahead and get things done on time?

·                   Can you take advice from others?

·                   Can you adapt to changing conditions?

·                   What about computer technology, are willing to improve on what you think know?

·                   Do you have the physical stamina and emotional strength to handle a business?

            (There will be lots of doubts, mistakes, do-overs....effort)!

·                     Do you understand that working your own internet business means working 4 - 6 hrs a day easily, (8 -12hrs. when you're full-time), seven days a week and holidays? 

             Of course, you are at home, so remember this.

·                     Do you know which skills and areas of expertise are critical to the success of your business? That, there are endless resources to help fill in your weakest link.

   This will be your business-- its a business as if you're running a shop at the mall or your street corner store.

2)  Start your business right:


   What product/service or even a hobby, do you have an expertise in. Perhaps, a gut feeling
about. Something that you will have fun & comfortable doing. ( It's not work, if you like what you are doing)

   Realize that you must now think as a business-person.  Any business owner must have a vision of what, where, how & who they want their business to cater to. Your targeted audience!

   A business plan can provide you not only a description of your business'  forecast. But also, a kind of road-map that will give you an insight on your business' products/services, markets, marketing strategies & procedures that will get you to the place you need to be with your new business. 
   A well-written business plan can provide you with a view of your business concept, a description of your products or services, what distinguishes your products/services from your competition. Identifying your target audience, so that you concentrate your resources on the needs of a specific group or groups. As this could mean the difference between success or failure!

Points to consider in your plan:

·                    A description of your product or services;

·                     Your view on why you believe you can make an income from this.

·                     What market needs you will meet, the market/customer potential?

·                     Who's your competition?

·                     The work that must be accomplished before your product or service is placed on the  market. Also indicate the time and costs involved.

·                    Explain how your pricing structure will enable you to gain a profit.

·                    Write out how much money is needed ( Don't let anyone fool, software, office supplies, legal documents, internet connections, back-up system, advertising etc.,)
             It takes money to make money, plain & simple.

·                      Describe your potential customers, their locations, why they buy & when they buy is there something else you can offer them.

·                     Strategy-- a plan of attack, the small steps, pieces of the puzzle put together that make  up the big picture.

·                      Estimate time & resources it will take to achieve a return on your investment (ROI).

3)  The place where consumers will come to you as the center point for information &  do some kind of business with you. The place to make a name for yourself and build your online reputation.

This also is known as "Branding".

Your web presence. Your web I.D.  

   Create this online branding by building a business website. Your website should be distinctive (you), easy to navigate, and full of useful information. Think about exactly what purpose you want your website to serve.(Your targeted audience).

   Information, promotions of other businesses, hobbies etc., exactly what your websites' target audience will be should have been made clear with your business plan. Consider your website as a tool for building  your business and profit. Because doing business on the internet is going to open up an entire new market for you than any  physical store, simply because of the vast amount of potential customers you can reach.(one & half billion people are online across the global in 2009)
   Your website can be a powerful marketing tool online just as newspapers, magazines & television were in the past. The internet has become the fastest, most inexpensive & reliable form of communication to 10's of millions across this globe.  Industry researchers predict that the number of online consumers will grow at a rate of 30% to 50% over the next few years.
   Compared to "Brick-N-Mortar business' websites do not cost too much to build. Consumers now search for information online prior to making a purchase at a brick-and-mortar store, your site may be the first chance you have at making a good impression and capture that sell.

   Your website is your store online; you must have a presence on the internet so consumer can easily find out more about your business and the products/services you have to offer.

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