Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I want to work from home.........

Why I want Internet marketing to work for ME!

   This isn't a hard one. It's simply because of the love I have for my Son & family. I’m a single parent, I can not work long hours at making someone else money and expect my son to bond with me. Nor can I expect to know why he does certain things or act if I'm not there to watch and learn his personality.

 AND this is crucial to me......their personality.

    Why & how does a parent with one or more children under the same roof, same guidance (usually the parent/parents administer the same.... lets say, tactics for a situation to all their children) when it is absolutely necessary to adjust upbringing geared toward their individual personality. Even twins have a minimum difference in their personalities.

Working long hours they will grow up learning, adapting to the world mostly from an outside source.

   When my son gets older, I would like him to be able you look back & go "my Dad is my HERO!"

I don't do this for the riches, no, its not to say that I wouldn't be disappointed in making 10+ grand a month, but when I can replace my current job to work full-time at home. Meaning, when I can support my everyday bills, save, do the necessary elements that will develop & enrich my child, I WIN!

Then I can precede to gain monetary wealth.

See, Lots of people have really forgotten the true meaning of living aka LIFE!

   So, as you bust your butt for years trying to climb the corporate ladder or simply work as many hours as you to keep paying (owing) for those must have items. We have to understand that in some form we lose something great, that BOND between our child & family!

I become far wealthier than any amount of $$$$ .

   I become my own boss, pave my own destiny. Again, be able to go to his practices, games, special school events...I have you be there. point blank!

   Now, I know there are other views on this matter but with the way the internet, e-commerce & the future of business particularly the advertising media. It will surely expand.

   Internet marketing as a home based business can deliver the same impact as television or magazines. The real power of online marketing its ability to reach niche markets and precisely target the right consumer with just the right product or service. You want to enables consumers to request information about a certain product or service. Then, it is your job/work to provide that service or product. This is the business-- it's the same business as if you're running a shop at the mall or your local street corner store.

   If you understand & have a passion for this industry, you have leap over a tall barrier! Do understand, that for the serious entrepreneur, one knows that this is not going to get you rich or wealthy overnight nor even next week, let alone this month. It is an on-going event that requires constant attention, building, improvement topped with plenty of patients.

   Now, there are all sort of informational resources available via the web. My take and why I hope you will visit back is because I will be getting personal. By this, I mean, I will take you on a step by step process, involving actions that I will be actually taken myself. I will simply be following my on advice. So you can not only follow the process but see actually what is being done and what are the outcome.

Also, the WHY aspect of this blog is my personal life. Why you might ask. (1) of the most important part of running any business is building personal relationships. So I will take you on a journey of how I got to this here time & space. So that you will have a better understanding just how important this is to me and why.........My Son & family.

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