Monday, August 24, 2009

Supplement to....WHY Run Your Own Home Based Business?

Just wanted to supplement my last entry!

   Why do hundreds of thousands of individual from around the world, participate in this type of work each month? And, why is the number of home-based opportunities steadily growing. In fact, did U know that over 50% of small business owners work from home. The home business industry is expanding continuously and researcher suggests that revenue generated from internet businesses will increase by 15% - 19% yearly through the year 2010.

So why is this?

   There is no one simply answer, because just as each individual person are different so is his/her reason. But, there are some common grounds as to the why.

* Staying at home:

   -- Family, it could be a single parent (Mother or Father)
   -- The need to attend a child needs (school functions, sporting events, etc.,)

* Loss of work:
   -- Lay-offs, cut-backs, downsizing
   -- With the many short-term, temp. & contract work agencies, steady work is all but obsolete.

* You become the boss:
   -- We've all had that one boss/supervisor that just made your day, miserable.
   -- You knew more than the supervisors
   -- or simply, the supervisor came to you for resolve & they get the credit (bonus) not you.

* Entrepreneur:
   -- Wanting to create your own wealth.
   -- A desire to pave your own path in life.

* Last but not least: Money
   -- We all need, want, (could use) more...... $$$$$
   -- Extra income for vacation, college tuition, nest egg, retirement. etc.,
   -- Supplemental income but no time for additional commuting.

   You can best believe there are dozens of other reasons, but the fact remains that everyday someone else is looking, signing-up or consuming a product or service from a home-based internet marketer. Aka, Network marketer (NM), Referral market (RM, otherwise known as, Affiliate programs).

Now before we go on,

   I will and want to clear up this major dispute, this negativity & misunderstanding about those words --- network & referral marketing.

   I've been around enough to have seen all the negative trash talking, bashing & mud slinging surrounding  NM, RM. Truth be known I had a few bones to pick myself. But that would be with the individual of the business not the industry as a whole.

   If you took your car into a mechanics workshop and he/she did a poor job of the repair, do you blame the auto shop repair industry as a whole for the bad service or would you blame the individual who repaired your car.

Another view:

    You go into one of the many major retail chain store, make a purchase. Afterwards, find that, for whatever reason you do not like the product or service. Upon return, you are met with poor customer service, lengthy return issues or less then knowledgeable clerk and so on. You walk out of there discussed, pissed off, vowing never to return or purchase from this retailer again. But, the real truth is an individual was the responsible person not the store itself.

   Do a little research on complaints against any major company, whether it be a retail, major auto company or business. you are going to find hundreds of complaints against them. But sure enough, these companies/businesses are steadily striving & profiting.

   I use these example to make a point, and that is, this is exactly the negativity with the  NM, RM industry. The industry itself isn't bad, but the individuals who are within these businesses.

   These are the ones that make unrealistic claims or after getting you involved in their business, fall short on support & training. These are the ones that use MLM, NM & RM to promote illegal pyramid schemes. But, because there are individuals out that take advantage of the less informed, as in all walks of life. Its not that way as a whole for this industry. 

   The Home-based internet marketing business is a striving, profitable venture that with the right research & support can be an exciting new way of life & freedom for you. A lot of companies are now aware, that for them to be continuously profitable -- support & training is the key to having their Reps (Representative) not only stay within their business but to make sure their making money.

   Many, many people are making a part-time, full-time income from this way of work. And yes, some are even wealthy doing this. So if you have been wanting to own your own business, make some extra cash on the side but not sure what, where, why or how to start. Let this be one of your resources in your endeavor.

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