Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OK, Do you have what it take to work a Internet Marketing Business?

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   Throughout the last couple of years , its have comes to my attention that there endless way to accomplish this task. Without a doubt, there are plenty of avenues one can take.

   Just Google any word pertaining to wealth, income, home business or internet marketing. Just these 4 keywords alone will literally bring up millions of searches on......why, what, when, where & how’s of internet marketing.

   Point blank, so how do you separate this information into something feasible and what order should one take to get on the right path? Its going to be up to you the individual. You are the one who wants to have a home based business in internet marketing that works for you.

   In coming up with a lesson plan, many areas need detailed explanation because of the complexity of each topic. Not only getting started, but understanding terminology, what type of business do you want to market, advertising, compensation plans, goal setting, writing & communication skills.

But, the true worth of your success online will come from within you.

Why, what, when, where & how factors into your achievements.

·            YOU -- what is it that you want?

·            YOU -- how are you going to get there?

·            YOU -- when will you do the work?

·            when will you see a (ROI) return on invest?

·            YOU -- where do you begin?


And the oh so important, WHY?

WHY do you want to work from home?

WHY do you choose internet marketing?

   As I explained in the last blog entry, my reason, my motivation is my child!

   You will have to be motivated, plain & simple. Motivation & having a real solid commitment will keep you pushing onward when times seems slow, when the work you're doing doesn't seem to be productive. It will be passion that will propel you. Because in this industry, especially as you start, you will do a lot of work up front that may seem like you are not accomplishing anything. But in fact, you really are one more step closer in a long list of task that HAS to be performed. So that later on your business can become automated. I like to call this your GO TIME & your SLOW TIME but, that’s later.

   There are lots of people out here today, tomorrow which are and will be making an income here online. So, there should not be, say, no slow or downtime because when you are doing (following basic steps) trust me on this. There will be plenty to keep you busy day in & day out.

   In this business you first determine that you want to do his. If your WHY is of great concern. Then you must set your mind, your short, medium & long term goals to accommodate your WHY factor.

   For me, as I send my child off to school or to the sitter each day, I’m reminded of my (WHY) I want  to succeed in this home based business.

    Get it right, working hard & putting a few simple but effective steps into motion then simply refining those steps can almost guarantee your success in your online endeavors.

   If you understand & have a passion for this industry, you have leap over a tall barrier! Do understand, that for the serious entrepreneur, one knows that this is not going to get you rich or wealthy overnight nor even next week, let alone this month. It is an on-going event that requires constant attention, building, improvement topped with plenty of patients.

A few questions you should ask yourself:

Do you know why you are considering this business opportunity?

Will your personal work habits/ethics enable to enjoy running a home based business?

   - Do you like to make your own decisions?

   - Do you enjoy competition?

   - Do you have the will power and self-discipline?

   - Do you plan ahead and get things done on time?

   - Can you take advice from others?

   - Can you adapt to changing conditions?

   - What about computer technology, are willing to improve on what you already know?

   - Do you have the physical stamina and emotional strength to handle a business?  (There will be lots of NO's)

   - Do you understand that working your own business means working 4 - 6 hrs a day (more when you go full-time). Seven days a week and holidays?

   - Do you know which skills and areas of expertise are critical to the success of your business?

   Internet marketing as a home based business can deliver the same impact as television or magazines. The real power of online marketing its ability to reach niche markets and precisely target the right consumer with just the right product or service. You want to enables consumers to request information about a certain product or service. Then, it is your job/work to provide that service or product. This is the business-- it's the same business as if you're running a shop at the mall or your local street corner store. Remember this and work it as sure.

Do you have what it takes?

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