Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Business Plan For a Home Based Online Business?

   Now that you're certain, that you have what it takes to journey into this internet marketing industry. And you really want to start a business online. It's time to realize that you must now think as a business-person. And even though you will be for the most part, working online (a little heads up, there will be off-line tactics involved as well, but that's later!), any business owner must have a vision of what, where, how & who they want their business to cater to.   What segment of society will most likely benefit from what you have to offer?
  Your targeted audience.

Is your product/service in demand, a niche market? A hobby?

   With these types of questions, there's only one way to determine those parameters for which you must work within. This is where some real work is put into play.

It is called a business plan.

   A business plan is not only a description of your business' forecast. But also, a kind of road-map that will give you an insight on the business' products/services, markets, marketing strategies & procedures that will get you to the place you need to be with your new business.

   A well-written business plan can provide you with a view of your business concept, a description of your products or services, what distinguishes your products/services from your competition. What consumers' needs will they meet and its market potential. Research then do more research. A business plan can show how you plan to turn your ideas into a product/service that consumers will want to buy.

  Identifying your target audience is important so that you concentrate your resources on the needs of a specific segment and could mean the difference between success and failure.

   How will you contact potential customers or clients? Explain how your pricing structure will enable you to gain acceptance (the consumer) of your product/service, maintain and increase market share while providing for a profit. Write out how much money is needed
( Don't let anyone fool, software, office supplies, legal documents, back-up system etc.,), it takes money to make money, plain & simple. How it will be used, where will it come from? It seems like a lot, yes, but armed with this type of information will clearly give you the upper hand in the making decisions that will put you in the right direction.

  So you say, you just want to sell other peoples stuff. Still, wouldn't it be better for you to have this information? Gain knowledge; be able to talk shop with your consumers or clients. The more information you have, the more professional you sound about what you offer, the more likely you are in capturing that customer's interest.

   In conclusion, these guidelines should enable you to describe your companies' market niche, and future goals and objectives.

   Remember this, 90% or more business' fail within the first year. Why, for the most part, they did not have a clear picture of the road ahead. A business plan gives you just that. A plan!

What's the saying?

"Businesses don't plan to fail, you just fail to plan!"

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Most important piece of the puzzle is your web presence!

   I want you to take a moment to picture this scenario. Its Saturday afternoon, you get a called from a friend, telling you about this huge sell down at the mall. Great, you love a good deal. Problem is, they didn't tell you which store had the sell. Malls are filled with many types of stores. Which one do you go to, how will you know where to get this great sell? You walk up & down, looking at all the printed ads in the window. Hundreds of shop to choose from.

Two very important events happened here.....

   1) A friend gave you information on a sell -- Word of mouth, networking (marketing) referral marketing

   2) Now that you know about this sell, where do you go to get your deal?

   The search......! As you pass by store after store, reading the advertisements, eventually you find the right store by what you see & read on outside ads or display racks. It is this very same nature of consumer hearing, seeking out and buying a product/service in a physical store as it would be in your online store.

   The most important piece of the puzzle in internet marketing is your web presence. Your web I.D.

   The place where consumers thirsty for your information, products and/or services will visit. This also known as "Branding". You create an online brand by building a business presence. Your website will serve as your main online presence and will act as a center point for all of your online promotional efforts. Your website should be distinctive, easy to navigate, and full of useful information. 

   Think exactly what purpose you want your website to serve. Information, promotions of other businesses, hobbies etc., exactly who your website targets, should have been made little cleaner, defined with your business plan.
   No matter how small your company is, if you are selling products or services, it is essential to have a website to reach your customers. Websites do not cost too much to build. Consider your website as a tool for expanding your business and profit. The internet has become  inexpensive, fast and the most reliable form of communication in this hi-speed  paced world of ours. And having a website, is your store in that huge mall we talked about earlier.

   Taking your business on the internet is going to open up an entire new market for you than a physical store, simply because of the vast amount of potential customers you can reach.(one & half billion people are online across the global in 2009)

   Your website must allow customers to do business with you. People want to do things fast. This world is in a rush, people carry cell phones and laptops, so that they can stay connected. Your website is as powerful marketing tool as newspapers and magazines were in the past. If you want your business to go global, then you definitely need to have a marketing website.

   There's very little that can't be sold over the internet. With 10's of millions shoppers now online, purchasing everything from books to computers to cars to real estate to jet planes to natural gas, you name it. If you can imagine it, someone will figure out how to sell it online. Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist even Walmart to name a few.

   Internet marketing research firms predict that the number of online consumers will grow at a rate of 25% to 45% over the next few years. 25% to 45%'ve got to want a piece of that pie!

   Consumers now search for information online prior to making a purchase at a brick-and-mortar store, your site may be the first chance you have at making a good impression and capture that sell.

   Your website is your store online; so you must have a presence on the internet so consumer can easily find out more about your business and the products/services you have to offer.

   Everyone that is in this industry needs a website. Why? Most home-based internet entrepreneurs have what is called a replicated website for that business their in.

You've seen these urls: yourcompanycom/yourname

  Did you know that these (internet addresses) can not be picked up by search engine spiders. (Programs that constantly crawl the internet - worldwide web collecting information for search engine index.) This is how one is able to locate websites using Google, Yahoo & countless other search engines.

   Imagine all the free traffic & sales.....missed because visitors simply can not get to your website. Worse yet, brought from someone else who was able to draw that visitor to their business site.

If you have an online business with a replicated website You need a permanent home webpage.


A website with *Forwarding service*

   If you are unable to move your existing website content (replicated website), hard to remember, unprofessional or just plain ugly url. You may want to think about establishing your own domain name website with forwarding service. Someone visiting your permanent web page can automatically be transported to your existing website instantly.

Another reason to have your own permanent web page.

Try this:

Place in the search engine box of Google, these keywords........

WeHit and/or Wealth health internet technology

   You will find something about my site  in these positions (as of December 11, 2011)

Wehit -

   Google ~ 1st page - position #1, 3, 4 & 6 spot listings
   Bing ~ 1st page - position #1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 spot listings

Wealth Health Internet Technology -
   Google ~  #1 & #2 spot on pg.1 (out of 23,900,000 results)
   Bing ~  #1 & #2, 3 & 4 spot on pg.1 (out of 34,300,000 results)

I have web presence for my informational website business.

Could your business use that kind of extra exposure?

Be presence

See U @ the top!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I want to work from home.........

Why I want Internet marketing to work for ME!

   This isn't a hard one. It's simply because of the love I have for my Son & family. I’m a single parent, I can not work long hours at making someone else money and expect my son to bond with me. Nor can I expect to know why he does certain things or act if I'm not there to watch and learn his personality.

 AND this is crucial to me......their personality.

    Why & how does a parent with one or more children under the same roof, same guidance (usually the parent/parents administer the same.... lets say, tactics for a situation to all their children) when it is absolutely necessary to adjust upbringing geared toward their individual personality. Even twins have a minimum difference in their personalities.

Working long hours they will grow up learning, adapting to the world mostly from an outside source.

   When my son gets older, I would like him to be able you look back & go "my Dad is my HERO!"

I don't do this for the riches, no, its not to say that I wouldn't be disappointed in making 10+ grand a month, but when I can replace my current job to work full-time at home. Meaning, when I can support my everyday bills, save, do the necessary elements that will develop & enrich my child, I WIN!

Then I can precede to gain monetary wealth.

See, Lots of people have really forgotten the true meaning of living aka LIFE!

   So, as you bust your butt for years trying to climb the corporate ladder or simply work as many hours as you to keep paying (owing) for those must have items. We have to understand that in some form we lose something great, that BOND between our child & family!

I become far wealthier than any amount of $$$$ .

   I become my own boss, pave my own destiny. Again, be able to go to his practices, games, special school events...I have you be there. point blank!

   Now, I know there are other views on this matter but with the way the internet, e-commerce & the future of business particularly the advertising media. It will surely expand.

   Internet marketing as a home based business can deliver the same impact as television or magazines. The real power of online marketing its ability to reach niche markets and precisely target the right consumer with just the right product or service. You want to enables consumers to request information about a certain product or service. Then, it is your job/work to provide that service or product. This is the business-- it's the same business as if you're running a shop at the mall or your local street corner store.

   If you understand & have a passion for this industry, you have leap over a tall barrier! Do understand, that for the serious entrepreneur, one knows that this is not going to get you rich or wealthy overnight nor even next week, let alone this month. It is an on-going event that requires constant attention, building, improvement topped with plenty of patients.

   Now, there are all sort of informational resources available via the web. My take and why I hope you will visit back is because I will be getting personal. By this, I mean, I will take you on a step by step process, involving actions that I will be actually taken myself. I will simply be following my on advice. So you can not only follow the process but see actually what is being done and what are the outcome.

Also, the WHY aspect of this blog is my personal life. Why you might ask. (1) of the most important part of running any business is building personal relationships. So I will take you on a journey of how I got to this here time & space. So that you will have a better understanding just how important this is to me and why.........My Son & family.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Supplement to....WHY Run Your Own Home Based Business?

Just wanted to supplement my last entry!

   Why do hundreds of thousands of individual from around the world, participate in this type of work each month? And, why is the number of home-based opportunities steadily growing. In fact, did U know that over 50% of small business owners work from home. The home business industry is expanding continuously and researcher suggests that revenue generated from internet businesses will increase by 15% - 19% yearly through the year 2010.

So why is this?

   There is no one simply answer, because just as each individual person are different so is his/her reason. But, there are some common grounds as to the why.

* Staying at home:

   -- Family, it could be a single parent (Mother or Father)
   -- The need to attend a child needs (school functions, sporting events, etc.,)

* Loss of work:
   -- Lay-offs, cut-backs, downsizing
   -- With the many short-term, temp. & contract work agencies, steady work is all but obsolete.

* You become the boss:
   -- We've all had that one boss/supervisor that just made your day, miserable.
   -- You knew more than the supervisors
   -- or simply, the supervisor came to you for resolve & they get the credit (bonus) not you.

* Entrepreneur:
   -- Wanting to create your own wealth.
   -- A desire to pave your own path in life.

* Last but not least: Money
   -- We all need, want, (could use) more...... $$$$$
   -- Extra income for vacation, college tuition, nest egg, retirement. etc.,
   -- Supplemental income but no time for additional commuting.

   You can best believe there are dozens of other reasons, but the fact remains that everyday someone else is looking, signing-up or consuming a product or service from a home-based internet marketer. Aka, Network marketer (NM), Referral market (RM, otherwise known as, Affiliate programs).

Now before we go on,

   I will and want to clear up this major dispute, this negativity & misunderstanding about those words --- network & referral marketing.

   I've been around enough to have seen all the negative trash talking, bashing & mud slinging surrounding  NM, RM. Truth be known I had a few bones to pick myself. But that would be with the individual of the business not the industry as a whole.

   If you took your car into a mechanics workshop and he/she did a poor job of the repair, do you blame the auto shop repair industry as a whole for the bad service or would you blame the individual who repaired your car.

Another view:

    You go into one of the many major retail chain store, make a purchase. Afterwards, find that, for whatever reason you do not like the product or service. Upon return, you are met with poor customer service, lengthy return issues or less then knowledgeable clerk and so on. You walk out of there discussed, pissed off, vowing never to return or purchase from this retailer again. But, the real truth is an individual was the responsible person not the store itself.

   Do a little research on complaints against any major company, whether it be a retail, major auto company or business. you are going to find hundreds of complaints against them. But sure enough, these companies/businesses are steadily striving & profiting.

   I use these example to make a point, and that is, this is exactly the negativity with the  NM, RM industry. The industry itself isn't bad, but the individuals who are within these businesses.

   These are the ones that make unrealistic claims or after getting you involved in their business, fall short on support & training. These are the ones that use MLM, NM & RM to promote illegal pyramid schemes. But, because there are individuals out that take advantage of the less informed, as in all walks of life. Its not that way as a whole for this industry. 

   The Home-based internet marketing business is a striving, profitable venture that with the right research & support can be an exciting new way of life & freedom for you. A lot of companies are now aware, that for them to be continuously profitable -- support & training is the key to having their Reps (Representative) not only stay within their business but to make sure their making money.

   Many, many people are making a part-time, full-time income from this way of work. And yes, some are even wealthy doing this. So if you have been wanting to own your own business, make some extra cash on the side but not sure what, where, why or how to start. Let this be one of your resources in your endeavor.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OK, Do you have what it take to work a Internet Marketing Business?

  Next entry: The MOST important piece of the puzzle in getting started!

   Throughout the last couple of years , its have comes to my attention that there endless way to accomplish this task. Without a doubt, there are plenty of avenues one can take.

   Just Google any word pertaining to wealth, income, home business or internet marketing. Just these 4 keywords alone will literally bring up millions of searches on......why, what, when, where & how’s of internet marketing.

   Point blank, so how do you separate this information into something feasible and what order should one take to get on the right path? Its going to be up to you the individual. You are the one who wants to have a home based business in internet marketing that works for you.

   In coming up with a lesson plan, many areas need detailed explanation because of the complexity of each topic. Not only getting started, but understanding terminology, what type of business do you want to market, advertising, compensation plans, goal setting, writing & communication skills.

But, the true worth of your success online will come from within you.

Why, what, when, where & how factors into your achievements.

·            YOU -- what is it that you want?

·            YOU -- how are you going to get there?

·            YOU -- when will you do the work?

·            when will you see a (ROI) return on invest?

·            YOU -- where do you begin?


And the oh so important, WHY?

WHY do you want to work from home?

WHY do you choose internet marketing?

   As I explained in the last blog entry, my reason, my motivation is my child!

   You will have to be motivated, plain & simple. Motivation & having a real solid commitment will keep you pushing onward when times seems slow, when the work you're doing doesn't seem to be productive. It will be passion that will propel you. Because in this industry, especially as you start, you will do a lot of work up front that may seem like you are not accomplishing anything. But in fact, you really are one more step closer in a long list of task that HAS to be performed. So that later on your business can become automated. I like to call this your GO TIME & your SLOW TIME but, that’s later.

   There are lots of people out here today, tomorrow which are and will be making an income here online. So, there should not be, say, no slow or downtime because when you are doing (following basic steps) trust me on this. There will be plenty to keep you busy day in & day out.

   In this business you first determine that you want to do his. If your WHY is of great concern. Then you must set your mind, your short, medium & long term goals to accommodate your WHY factor.

   For me, as I send my child off to school or to the sitter each day, I’m reminded of my (WHY) I want  to succeed in this home based business.

    Get it right, working hard & putting a few simple but effective steps into motion then simply refining those steps can almost guarantee your success in your online endeavors.

   If you understand & have a passion for this industry, you have leap over a tall barrier! Do understand, that for the serious entrepreneur, one knows that this is not going to get you rich or wealthy overnight nor even next week, let alone this month. It is an on-going event that requires constant attention, building, improvement topped with plenty of patients.

A few questions you should ask yourself:

Do you know why you are considering this business opportunity?

Will your personal work habits/ethics enable to enjoy running a home based business?

   - Do you like to make your own decisions?

   - Do you enjoy competition?

   - Do you have the will power and self-discipline?

   - Do you plan ahead and get things done on time?

   - Can you take advice from others?

   - Can you adapt to changing conditions?

   - What about computer technology, are willing to improve on what you already know?

   - Do you have the physical stamina and emotional strength to handle a business?  (There will be lots of NO's)

   - Do you understand that working your own business means working 4 - 6 hrs a day (more when you go full-time). Seven days a week and holidays?

   - Do you know which skills and areas of expertise are critical to the success of your business?

   Internet marketing as a home based business can deliver the same impact as television or magazines. The real power of online marketing its ability to reach niche markets and precisely target the right consumer with just the right product or service. You want to enables consumers to request information about a certain product or service. Then, it is your job/work to provide that service or product. This is the business-- it's the same business as if you're running a shop at the mall or your local street corner store. Remember this and work it as sure.

Do you have what it takes?