Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So.....What is this all about?

Why I want Internet marketing to work for ME!

   This isn't a hard one. Its simply because of the love I have for my son & family. I’m a single parent  I can not work 2 jobs and expect my son to bond with me. Nor can I expect me to know why he does certain things or act if I'm not there to watch and learn his personality. AND this is crucial to me, their personality.

   How do 2 or more children under the same roof, same guidance (usually the parent/parents administer the same.... lets say tactics for a situation to all their children) when it is absolutely necessary to adjust upbringing geared toward their individual personality. Even twins have a minimum difference in their personalities.

   How does one make these understanding your children personality response to situations? 

  We all think we know our children, yeah right!

   If you spend, lets say close to 11 hrs a day at/for work (8-1/2 hr work day plus 1 hr travel time not including getting ready before work and unwinding after work add 1-1/2 -2 hrs ) 6 hrs sleep, 1-1/2 hrs cooking/cleaning (usually less than 1 hr for studies for your kids to know what they are really learning) now by my calculations that’s adds up to: 21 hrs--- that leaves 3 hrs out of 24 that is actually spent with your child. Now, this is really base on a single parent (like me) schedule, granted for the most part there are two parents or guardians involved but in today's society both adults do work.

   No one can tell me that as a parent, you will learn to KNOW their children personality nor that their child will know EXACTLY what you as a parents, your importance to them or their future really is. Under the burdens of today s stress & schedules.

They grow up learning, adapting to the world mostly from an outside source.

    When my son gets older, I would like him to be able to look back & go " My Dad is my HERO!"

   I don't do this for the riches, no, its not to say that I wouldn't be disapproved in making 10+ grand a month, but when I can replace my current job to work full-time from home. Meaning, when I can support my everyday bills, save, do the necessary elements that will develop and enrich my child, I WIN!

Then I can proceed to gain monetary wealth.

   See, lots of people have really forgotten the true meaning of living aka LIFE!

   You go to this corporate lifestyle. Say, up at 5 in the morning rushing around trying to get last minute details done before you run off to work.  Whether you're in an executive position, management or labor, I hear this often. I work hard and long hours so that my children have what I didn't have. So I can send them to the best schools/colleges. So I can have a nice home, so I can get them (us)  nice things. Oh yeah, it goes on. there's a list of what I believe are wrong thoughts of reasoning.

   I see it all the time, example: Mothers having new born baby but after 4-6 weeks it’s back to work, some actually anxious to start BUILDING a career so they can provide a decent living for their children. That is honorable and all.

    But what really ends up happening is the children become adjust to you not being there. Now this can manifest itself into many different avenues. In the city, well now (even in the suburbs), but things like gangs. misbehaved kids. Now I use Mothers as an example, no disrespect intended cause fathers like me are at risk all the same.

   So, as you bust your butt for years trying to climb the ladder or simply work as many hours to keep paying (owing) for those must have items. We have to understand that in some form we lose something great. We loose some of that BOND between our child...our family! 

As a home based business entrepreneur, I become far wealthier than any amount of $$$$ .

   I become my own boss, pave my own destiny. Again, be able to go to his practices, games, special school events...I have to be there. point blank!

    Now, I know there are other views on this matter but with the way the internet, e-commerce the future of business particularly the advertising media will surely expand.

   I just want to be on the forefront. Capturing just a piece of the $$$ of what's to come in this ever expanding internet medium. This will give me the financial security I need to make sure that I raise a respectable, God fearing, law abiding  citizen!  When I establish the foundation then the rest should/can fall into place. He (My child) will have the strength to get through any situation!

Whats your take?