Monday, June 29, 2009

Home based online entrepreneur.....What will it take!

      Shortly will be starting an informational blog on  the WHY, HOW & WHAT it will take to Start, Run & operate an online Home based business opportunity. Mainly, focusing on Internet marketing.

   Now, there are all sort of informational resources available via the web. My take and why I hope you will visit back  is because I will B getting personal. By this I mean I will  take you on a step by step process, involving action that I will be actually taken myself. Meaning, I will simply be following my on advice. So you can not only follow the process but see actually what is being done and what are the outcome.

   Also, the WHY aspect of this blog is my personal life. Why you might ask? (1) of the most important part of running any business is building personal relationships. So I will take you on a journey of how I got to this here time & space. So that you will have a better understanding just how important this to me and why.........My Son & family.

     Meanwhile, I will first not only take you a what I consider vital info on what is needed to get start, especially on a shoestring budget. ( You always hear how this or that person went from living in their car or were flat broke  yet were able to generate several thousand dollar a month.) But, also allow you to get to know who I am as person. Some of my personal experiences & life lessons.

     Shortly, I will put the absolute must features, equipment skills & technology needed to acquire the basics of Internet marketing.....running your own home-based business.

    Meanwhile, feel free to add  feedback and tell what, where you are in your pursuit of an home based business.

Blog you later!


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