Thursday, December 7, 2017

What Is LIFE About? Have You Created Your Life's Value? Your True Destiny?

What is LIFE about?                                                                

   It’s purpose, it’s essence, more importantly, it’s worth? To put it quite simply….life is value!

More so, life is OF value. Life has a purpose!                                 

1st) About life

2nd) What do we do in life.

   Let’s see if we can address them appropriately. Not being a teacher or an english major…….yet, let’s take a look at this as if “about life” is a noun & “what do we do in life” as a verb.

Verbs ~ are words that show an action (sing), occurrence (develop), or state of being (exist).

Noun ~ refers to a person, place, thing, event, substance, or quality.

Definition acknowledge them as follows:

   VALUE verb ~ Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of. When we interpret this word value in relevance to life. A deeper review into it’s chapters is in itself revealing. Life is both someone & something. A human being, a animal, a plant. Life is water, whether it be drinking water or a body of water such as a lake, stream, river or ocean. Life can also be an automobile, a smartphone even a building. Here's what I see akin as I look through these dictions.  They all require and produce energy.

Energy is usable power.

In addition, as a verb, value ~ estimate the monetary worth of something or (someone).

"Life is energy, an usable power that provides worth to something or someone."

PHOTO by Frank McKenna
Man standing on cliff overlooking the ocean and sunset
   VALUE noun ~ a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. Life in it’s relevance to human beings on planet earth. Is we are held to a higher principle. Or should I say, humans should cast it's influence of life in humanity to a higher standards.

A quick example into my thought process:

   To watch two animals viciously attack one another is expected & accepted. They are in fact "animals". As human beings, we are expected to be of value to due to our intelligence, self-reflection, analytical thoughts, burying our dead, worship, yet most importantly our ethical being . Therefore, by our nature held to a higher standard, would (SHOULD) intervene when we see two humans savagely attacking each other.

   Additionally, as a noun, that someone or something of value is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

"Life for humans being hold a higher standard of worth and usefulness."

Women holding a sad orphan child
                                  PHOTO by Madi Robson

With that being explained……..

1) Life is about producing energy. 

What do we do with life?

    Life in trees produce oxygen, life in plants produce nutrition, life in a song will produces emotions. Life in a house or building produces shelter and security. WHAT life is doing, is producing usable energy.

   Well my friend, If you feel that you are wasting time just waiting for the next day and the day after that. Not knowing what to do in life or questioning why you are here. You can see that you are not being of value. Your ability to be useful has your principles lowered. Which will cause one to become depressed, a sense of uselessness or not worthy.

   You must take anything that’s a part of you and apply it to a passion. Believe me, there are plenty of avenues, channels & causes to champion. All giving you self-worth an extra set of caring, helping souls. Find something that you care about……and create a passion out of it. If it’s nothing more than smiling at another human everyday. If one smiles back, you produced an energy. A worthy value because smiling is a positive energy.

A couple in love having new baby

"WE are here to produce a positive useful energy. That is life."


   There comes a time when we should really really step back......hold on! 

   WE NEED to take stock in what we have produced in terms of value aka positive useful energy.  What value did we give to life and question the values we got out of being "alive".

   If you're young, we tend not to focus on the thought of value. We just subconsciously do life, we involuntarily presume immortality. We go on without ever really asking what am I to do or why am I here. Of course, as we become older (not old) but older, we process this with a bit more concern. And with a little thought to reason........we began to see or maybe even question our purpose for being here. Depending on the values one has gathered to this point.

   Now I won't get all deep into this or that, for now, but I believe that we all do have a principle. That we are an intricate component to a much grander blueprint......we are here for a reason. That being, destiny.

   Back to this entity of value. If one were to vest an equivalent essence into he's or hers esprit, wouldn't it equal one life experiences? Couldn't these experiences represent value? Value in the form of knowledge, memories, empathy, compassion, satisfaction, success, wisdom etc. 

(Notice there are NO monetary worth here!)
That become an affixed topic later on. Monetary value sometimes are exploited to encourage the journey that increases your LIFE value.


   In short, I know to late right? Lol, but at it's simplicity..... we are looking at the value of life as it pertains to what we choose to do in it. Did we put any value into it?  How much did we get out of it? Did we do with it the matters for what we were destined? Are you left feeling as if there were to many undone adventures, taste buds still not conquered, parts of the world seemingly distanced?

   Remember, life produces positive useful energy. That's what I believe we are here for.
Well, I'm one. If I can perhaps write to better articulate what I'm missing while I am still alive. Maybe then I can direct a plan to accomplish them before I pass on.

                                               My Legacy (WE) My Son 
Author pictured with young son
                                           Photo by Andrew & Andreas Hayes

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Thursday, November 23, 2017



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Monday, November 20, 2017

Bitcoin ~ NEW All-Time High, BlockChain & Wall Street also Investors/Tax Bill Provisions

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Up 7500% plus for the year

The Future of Possible

New TAX bill includes individual investor provisions:
   If the proposed tax bill is passed investors could be paying as much as $2.7 billion more in taxes over the next decade. 
It would require individual investor who decided to sell off stocks they have owned the longest. 

   It's a process called 1st in - 1st out. The scheme is that the oldest shares generally has the biggest yields, thereby higher capital gains tax.
-   -   -
Wall Street eyeballs CVS as it continues it's interest in Aetna. 

Blockchain adds to it intergration into wall street. 
   This disruptive technology "Blockchain" or distributed ledger - in it's simplicity is a decentralized "digital ledger" database. Meaning third parties entities such as a middle-person could be eliminated.

   Here on Wall Street a consumer and suppliers or investor & asset managers are in direct contact with each other in what are known as "Smart Contracts"

   Cryptography or hashing keeps the exchange secure. The transactions or "BLOCK(s)" are on a chain of computer seen by everyone on the network who have verified & record it's approval.

   Depending on it's applications, technically there are several forms of this  "Blockchain" and distributed ledger.

   This is also the same technology behind the popular Bitcoin phenomenon.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

WeekEND of November 17 2017 in the Tech & Financial World

Tesla unveils 2 new futuristic models:

The Roadster - "It'll be the fastest production car ever made. Period." - Musk

 The Roadster proclaims 
~0-60 in 1.9 sec. 
~ 0-100 in 4.2 sec 
~ 8.8 quarter mile 
~ top speed 250 mph  Has a top range of 620 miles before recharge.  

Tesla also showcased  it's NEW Semi-truck line. Has a 400 mile range with a 30 minute change time. Self-driving ability and a center mounted seat. Walmart is said to have pre-ordered 15 trucks.

                                         DISCLOSURE: This post contains sponsored ads and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

   Have you met "Atlas" a humanoid robot. The future of AI, deep learning & machine learning. Can you say......iRobot?

-   -   -
  With BlueBorne, hackers can take complete control over a vulnerable device, and use it for a wide range of malicious purposes; including spreading malware, stealing sensitive information and more.

-   -   -
   Companies are not only battling for your business. There is a crusade out for your data as well.  We're in an information gathering era, and they want as much of it as they can get. 

-   -   -
  While retail has been a bit sluggish lately, these companies faired well this weeks ending.  With SPDR retail ETF having it's best day since July.  

  Closing Friday @ $41.75      CHG  +1.14     +2.81%

 Footlocker -                        $40.82   +10.48   +28.2%

 Abercrombie & Finch -   $15.55    +2.99      +23.9%

  Gap -                                     $29.40    +1.92       +7.03%

  Nike -                                    $59.19     +1.96      +3.4%

Nordstorm -                         $40.86   +0.89       +2.2%

   Stitch fix  (SFIX) the online Style clothing "subscription box" where customers send in their size, style preferences and payment range. Then receiving a box of five apparel  on a monthly bases.
Katrina Lake is the founder & CEO of the 1st women own IPO out this year.  It showed promise early on but lost a bit of stream as it settle in on Friday. Opening  on the Nasdaq at $16.90 made it way to $18.53 a share, ending at $15.15

-   -   -
   Square INC  worth as much as Twitter, stocks up 5.4% over on Thursday as it test Bitcoin support on it Cash app. 

-   -   -
   Despite concerns over competition from Amazon, Walmart was also a big winner this week. It's online & grocery sales were up. E-commerce grow 50% to $123 billion in revenue with international sales up 2.5%.

   On Thursday morning shares climbed 8%, that's a market value of $24 billion upon it's higher than expected 3rd quarter reporting.

   Walmart has beating the analyst estimates for the 9th straight time. 

Top 10 overall winners this week:

Time Inc. $16.40 +5.45  +49.77%
Foot Locker $40.82  +10.48 +34.54%
Verso Cl A $9.40  +2.20     +30.56%
Abercrombie&Fitch -   $15.55    +2.99      +23.81%
Cato Cl A $16.35 +2.83 +20.93%
Valhi Inc $5.19  +0.89     +20.70%
American Renal Ass.     $13.03    +2.18 +20.09%
Vitamin Shoppe $4.20 +0.70 +20.00%
Intl Game Technology    $8.54      +4.74     +19.92%
RH                                        $102.26   +16.72  +19.55%
Vipshop Holdings ADR   $9.78     +1.57       +19.12%

Top 10 Big losers this week:

Jianpu Tech ADR            $7.20 -1.20    -14.29%

Williams-Sonoma        $45.78    -7.09    -13.41%

Bridgepoint Education   $8.24    -0.98    -10.63%

Genie Energy                   $4.86 -0.57   -10.50%
voxeljet ADR                    $4.89    -0.54 -9.94%

Bitauto Holdings ADR   $39.13 -3.92      -9.11%

Qudian ADR                    $21.20    -2.11    -9.05%

ARC Document Sol        $2.65 -0.25     -8.62%

Eastman Kodak               $3.45     -0.30 -8.00%

Zymeworks                         $7.60     -0.64      -7.77%

   In the mist of another media merger, AT&T who's $84.4 billion bid of Time Warner is under antitrust review by the Dept. of Justice due to anti-competitive concerns . The results of those finding could has an effect on the future mergers.

   Like, Comcast who owns NBC & Universal who has also taken an interested in a merger of mega media 21st Century Fox. Disney did have their bid in earlier to the concern of many. It seems Comcast might end up on the same channel as Disney. 

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